The Never Ending Humpty Blog Post lala la lalala (sang in theme musica)


It’s Wednesday in this beatch of a week and I am grateful. Let’s straight do this thing and hop on board with Confessions with my homegirl Kathy from Vodka and Soda. Click her awesome button. You know you want to.

Vodka and Soda

1. I confess that there’s nothing like the Humpty Dance for a quick pick me up!
Enjoy this one, peeps!

2. Confession Dos: This week is straight kicking my ass but I’m making baby steps of progress and finally starting to feel a little normal around my co-workers. However I’m not staying late…don’t care enough…just not there. Not caring… sorry but hashtag not sorry.

3. Interwebbies, I confess I’m still sad about my Grandma…I know it will take time. I woke up this morning and felt like I was sinking in the swamp of sadness…straight up Never Ending Story style. Time to rock my inner Atreau and stay strong.

4. Confessing that I am really hoping for a loss this week because A) I have been trying to eat right instead of not caring and B) There were actual WORKOUTS.

5. This is why I love running in the morning plus the quiet.
It’s so peaceful and I just get that time for myself. Still working on that whole waking up early thing…slow but steady, yo. Another 3.6 miles on the books!!! Making #MexicoVacayFit happen!!! #MexicoFit60

Hope you all are having a magical confession filled hump day!



12 thoughts on “The Never Ending Humpty Blog Post lala la lalala (sang in theme musica)

  1. Okay so you are SO winning in my book for all of the NeverEnding Story refs. However, that first one in the swamp GAH gets me everryyy time!! I’m so with you on morning runs. I need to get back into that groove even though I’d have to get up SO early.

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