Just beet it, peeps

The afternoon post where I really just want to sleep and am mindlessly eating to stay awake.
I am exhausted from orientation. Like just want to put my head down anywhere (3rd floor bathroom couch) and pass the eff out. I’m not sleeping well….except for the weekends but only because I can sleep in until 10am without any life interference. I haven’t slept well since the funeral.

I’m feeling like that little dead beet right there. I spent all my expendable energy being excited, helpful, and attentive with my frosh during 11 individual advising appointments. There’s nothing left..I feel like burnt toast and it would be painful to put me over the sink and scrape off all my burnt outted-ness. 

I can go home in two hours…so really the goal is just put on my “Yes, I am deep in work face. Smile. Make it happen.” while really I am here. Hanging out on the interwebbies. Anyone every bought a VS swimsuit? They’re on sale so I was thinking of ordering one as a part of my shopping therapy while being practical for Mexico vacay? Thoughts? Please let me know!!! My eating today has been BAD!!! But delicious so I just focusing on being happy person. I have been running this week so holla NSV (non-scale victories). You know it took me forever to figure out that one, blog world.

I JUST WANT TO BE HOME AND CUDDLED IN MY BED. I’m going to bed at like 8pm today because of all of the above and hopefully dream about vacation, being  sexy, and food.


Alright, add 3 peanut m&m’s to the list. The sugar high is so sweet and gave me the energy to chat up a colleague. I share an office so I can’t really hide away. Since my office mate is a new adviser the training wheels are still on and she is being shadowed by a variety of advisers. Basically a full house.

Ok enough of this. It was after all just a quick Thursday run by blogging. Hope your day is better than mine and you are NOT completely exhausted.


the very tired lbg

One thought on “Just beet it, peeps

  1. I’m feeling you…I was so tired yesterday I went to bed at 9:30 and was OUT. I ready for a very lazy weekend where I get to spend hopefully at least one day in bed 🙂 Thank goodness today is Friday. I hope you have a great weekend and next week is better for you!

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