On Fridays We Link Up & wear maxi dresses. WORD.

Friday, beeatches!!!! Finally! I need me some weekend. Weekend to recover, be sad bastard, and get my race on….ya know the usual.

Of course, the lovely Amanda is here to start us off. Seriously, though how is she so fabulous??? I’ll never know just being a little hot mess myself but I’m working on it 😉


1. Coffee!
It’s my bestie and there’s nothing like a strong up of coffee with a splash of Strauss Creamery Organic Milk ( hormone and crazy ish free!) in my favorite coffee mug. I love pottery it’s just so beautiful and eclectic. One of these days me and the boyfriend are going to get some custom plates, bowls, and more mugs for the casita. There’s something about small touches like this that just make a place feel cozy. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap so it may be one mug, plate, bowl at a time.


2. Early Morning Running.
I only managed two early morning runs this week but they were beautiful and for my first week back that was solid. It’s quiet. I can hear the soft rocking of the lake, quacks of the geese, and the soft hum of near to nothing driving in the distance. I never run without musica but the quiet is so enticing that it’s not needed. It’s a great time for me to be alone with my thoughts and the beauty of the city.


3. Maxi dresses. I bought two that would work for Mexico vacay and summer. I have gotten a ton of compliments and they are so comfy. Amanda you have made me a believer!! I will need to post a photo. I need to put a little banner on the photo though because I’m scared of the internet stealing it and using it to sell something freakish and odd.

Friday Love! Alright, let’s keep this pretty day moving with ALG Uninterrupted and her Fitness Friday. Sigh, fitness it’s definitely a love hate thing bebes.

Fitness Friday

I’ve been running and loosely tracking over on my fitness pal. This has been helping a lot and I’m happy to say I’m half a pound down this week. Everything’s still tight (yikes) but hey progress is progress. I’m planning on more workouts next week and just trying to keep with the loose tracking. Shoot me a message if you want a buddy on mfp!

I didn’t manage as many workouts as I hoped. I had a rough day yesterday and I comforted myself with a bagel, pasta, snacks….. Basically bread. But hey still a loss so I’ll take it.

Not sure I’ll hit my goal for Mexico but my Grandma passed away and that 4lb gain will not be easy to take off. As long as I’m feeling good, I know that’s sexy. I’m still gonna do my best and try to make this next 8 weeks count!


alright my lovely interwebbies, I hope you have a kick ass weekend! Sending lots of love.


8 thoughts on “On Fridays We Link Up & wear maxi dresses. WORD.

  1. bahahahahha you seriously had my cracking up! Isn’t that the straight truth???? You are so sweet girl! Trust me I am a hot mess as well……I need some sleep! Thanks for linking up I hope you have a fabulous weekend! xoxoxo

  2. Good luck with your running! I need to really start up a routine for workouts…even if it’s a walk (brisk one) every day. Also need so start back up on the healthy-eating train. Speaking of fitness, I have the mfp app…well, had. Need to re-download it to the phone so I can get back on track. The first time, it made me a bit self-conscious.

    Nothing like a pretty coffee mug to brighten the morning. I have a few that make me feel that way.

    I’ve never worn a maxi dress…always thought they’d hang on me weird.

    • You have just got to try one! I’m just a mini person and though I’d be overwhelmed ( all 5 ft) and it looked really cute. Try a few styles but they are so comfortable.

      It’s nice to have a mug you love for cozy mornings.

      Good luck with bringing the fit back! Xox

      • I’m no better; I’m 5’5″ (always thought I was shorter till my mom came up last year — she’s 5′ too). I hope I can get on track soon. Once I do, I’ll hit you up so we can be mfp buds. (I work better with motivation and encouragement from friends.)

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