Hey Interwebbies,
I hope you had a kick ass weekend filled with sleep, fun, and summer time trouble. My weekend was hard but still had some good times. My lovely Mama bear is still pretty down about my Grandma so I’m just trying to support her in the best way I can. In terms of myself, I’m probably back at about 75%- 80%….still a little melancholy with a heavy heart but you know one day at a time.

My sister, Dad, and I hit up the San Jose Giants 5k (them) and 5 miler (me) and it was HELLA fun! A great day for a run and we just caught the heat at the end of the race. I was pleased as punch with my 31 out of 105 for my age range. I did the 5 miler in 48 minutes and some change. HOORAZ!

From my Dad and sister’s corral! Love me some Matt Cain!

I managed another earlier morning run today. It was a little less peaceful as I saw some sketchy characters around the lake. However still super beautiful and it was about 61 when I hit the pavement at 5:06 – crazy! It’s gonna be a HOT one today. I thought I’d grab a couple more shots for you all to enjoy.



I’m hoping to get in at least 4- 5 workouts this week. I did sign up for some barre classes and fingers crossed I go….it’s still a little hard to be around people since I’m feeling anti-social/sad bastardy but I’m trying. At least I still went to my race. Also hoping for another loss this week. Today I’ve kept it clean with a kind, some oatmeal, and plain old joe. No lattes for this girl.


Alright, let’s all go handle Monday. Put on your Big Girl Pants and make this ish happen. Of course, if it doesn’t no worries. Have a cocktail and PLEASE tell me about it 😉




  1. This weekend was kind of interesting. I was pretty lazy on Saturday, save for a thrift shop trip where I got a cute light grey turtleneck t-shirt. Sunday was really fun though; I got to check on a friend of mine who I hadn’t heard from in a while, and the boyfriend and I dragged her out of her house and over to our apartment to hang out. She bought us a large garlic chicken pizza from the best pizza place in town, and then we all went for a 45 min. walk!! (Go us!) I’m hoping to work those 45 min. walks in twice-a-day. That’s my ultimate goal. Then, I have a 10K on Friday morning. I hope I survive. It’s a six-mile walk/run, and I’ve walked ten miles in one day (back in highschool). I’m sure I’ll be okay. (Did I mention I’m walking this with a friend?) Anyhow, I’m sitting here drinking a Nirvana chai tea w/ honey, waiting for work to be over already. Here’s to you, friend! 😀

  2. Oh man..as a fellow latte lover…I know how big of a deal this is, girl! I sooo need to stop it with the lattes and stick with working out everyday minus my rest day…eep!

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