We’ve got to hump quickly today since I’m behind/late or as my buddy would say “tardy to the party.” I’m pretty sure that’s a song by one of those fancy housewives in random city X.

Anyways, it’s time to leave my troubles behind and jump on Kathy’s vodka fueled train for Wednesday’s Confessions!

Vodka and Soda

I have one co-worker in particular that drives me bat shizz crazy. I’m like send the student to me DIRECTLY. It’s not that hard. I’m sorry I didn’t catch your last email…you send out unrelated ish that I often don’t check and FYI that’s nothing to cry about. Sigh, I hate that she makes me feel the need to walk in the other direction but DAMN! I just can’t handle your nonsense.

One of my office besties is moving on to bigger and better things (go him!) but I’m hella sad to see him go. We shared all our coffee/beer dates and I will have a void in my work life….he made my job suck less. Sadly, it will suck more without him. SAD FACE.

Read sad bastard post here & here. I’m like f’ing Bono and still haven’t found what I’m looking for…. I need to get back on top. I need to care more and be able to fake it with random co-workers. Instead I just want to punch them in their face. BAM!!! Let the relief wash over me, hop on a plane, and make drinks for the rest of my life like Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

I confess that I had cake for breakfast this morning at an office meeting. It was a lemon bundt cake and that made me miss my Grandma. I fought back the tears and thought about her little yellow cake bundt cakes with chocolate frosting and crushed walnuts. I made me sad she would never make me that cake again….stupid cake. It was delicious and that is a small consolation.

Guilty pleasure at it’s finest. I really love to read the missed connections on craigslist. Some are so sweet you can’t help believe in love and the others are so skeezy…it’s really quite unbelievable. I highly recommend this in the art of time wasting, day dreaming, and internet frolicking.

I confess I really want to be Mindy Kaling’s buddy and I think we would completely crack one another up, drink too much, and brunch it all off. I mean I’m hilarious, she’s hilarious. I would take her photos for her facebook and we could chop it up about what’s going on in the interwebbies.

Speaking of homies, thanks for coming by and kicking it on the Humpty Wednesday. I appreciate all the little comments and or even the reads. I hope I can make you beaatches smile the way many of your blogs do. That concludes this sappy message now back to the Hump!


I need a luck dragon….and to get out of this damn bell jar

Do you know you’re in the bell jar or is it only after you’re out that you know you’ve been in???

Where are all my damn Philosophy majors? Probably spending their summer some place dreamy…Damn, kids..I kid..I kid. Well at least about the kids.


Oh Reality Bites, I can’t even look to you for wisdom because I’m now a decade older than your characters. What movie should I be referring to with thirty somethings…I mean I obviously have Bridget Jones πŸ™‚
Well at least this hot mess express woke up and made herself do a nice 3.5 mile run and treated herself to a good ole cup of joe. Work has been very slow which is good because my motivation ended right as I walked in the door. I did try and resuscitate it with another cup of coffee but that too failed. I read two articles on improving your productivity/desk station. I will post them later this week if I find them actually useful. I also saw a job that I’m going to apply for at the University. No expectations just a chance to throw my hat in the ring and possibly increase cash flow if it happens. The work would be different and maybe that’s what this bell jar bebe needs?

I need to fall back into love with the administrative side of my job or at the very least not get caught up in the inefficiency and put in a few LOOOONNNG nights. I need to commit to letting something go so that I can make that happen. Most likely it will be having a clean house, laundry, and dinner with my lovely boyfriend. If I get in at least 3 late nights this week and next, maybe I will be caught up before vacation. I just need a strategy, commit, and put in the hours. Sigh, hours that I am not paid for…BLARGH!

I’m thinking of purchasing this workout dvd despite the current “I’m in the red” financial situation.
First, I need to have a back-up when I can’t get my morning run due to an early morning meeting. Second, if I’m working out in the evening I’d like my boy to be able to enjoy the living room. There’s no tv in our bedroom so I need something that I can download to my ipad. I think I can get this for $10.00 (itunes) which is pretty reasonable and I love Jillian.

Back to the dreaded office, I’d like to have a plan of attack for work so once I return from Mexico I can put on my big girls pants and budget the hell out of the next 6 months.

I’m 33 and I’d like a kid and to retire one day so I need to break up with my retail therapy, lack of budgeting, and general non-financial savviness.


I really want a win…so I can feel like this and possibly turn this ish around. Or at least get me out of the jar.

That’s all I got for tricky Tuesday, my interwebbies. Hope yours is going well. Let me know if you have any budget blogs I should be reading, or any how to be a grown up blogs for that matter.

Failing At Being A Grown Up and everything else


Do you ever feel messy? That your life is a series of small fires that are partially burning but not yet under control? At any moment any unexpected wind could turn it all into a wild brush fire that eats away acres of land… Maybe it’s just me struggling in the land of the grown ups.

The weekend ate me alive. Friday – quick drinks with a colleague taking a new job. Run home for 6pm dinner with friends & their adorable 3 year old. Saturday – 6 mile run, grill for my Dad and off to a soccer match ( Father’s Day gift) after I headed to the SJC. Sunday – Prepped for my cousins baby shower hosted by my mama (8 -1). Baby shower 1-7pm equals exhaustion!!!

I miss my Grandma and I’m still feeling the grief. My lovely mama is out of the bell jar but its still hard for her. I hate seeing her in pain it just breaks my heart.

My grief ran away with my credit card and I have been not living within my means…. Sigh…fail in land of the grown ups. This weekend included. I need to get back on track financially and reassess my long term goals. Grown ups need to retire apparently that involves savings and being debt free. I need to look at the damage and post Mexico really start to tackle that shizz. Step one admit the problem.

Work is work. Some parts I love other parts drive me insane on top of the fact I’m undeniably behind.

I guess it’s just one of those days where it feels like I’m failing at everything. I want to turn it all around but I get overwhelmed or tacked by another unexpected wave of disaster. 2014 is just kicking my ass and it sucks.


I still want to be all sunshine or mostly sunshine but it’s harder than it looks. So for tonight I’m just going to try and count my blessings and know I have a date with a beautiful run and hot coffee in the morning.


I’m looking forward to the quiet and hoping to find a little grace out there. I’m making mistakes but I’m getting up and trying each day. I pray that counts for something.

Good night besos,

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On Fridays We Link Up…..condition our hair and talk about Dean & Denny

WOOOOOO HOOOOO WOOOOOOO! It’s Friday, Interwebbies!!! Let’s start the oficina dance party!

Yes. I went there. It’s Friday. On my Fridays we dance to 90’s musica. Deal with it πŸ˜‰ All I want…All I need…now I know….(in my off key singing voice). Let’s pour ourselves a cocktail and give each other abrazos because we made it through another work week.

Of course, it’s Friday and that means we link up like the Mean Girls we all are.

Let’s start with Amanda because as always she’s lovely. Her engagement photos are so adorbs. Of course, being a College Adviser, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they took a whole set back at their alma mater. Time for some FRIDAY FAVORITES & MEET ME @ THE BARRE.
Friday Favorites

This was my first week with no Orientation and honestly I just needed to recover. Hopefully next week I will bring the fire and attack all my work like a crazy person. However a few significant things did get checked off which is a solid feeling although I’m still not at maximum productivity. As I said goodbye to anxious overachieving freshman bebes, I fell madly in love with the following:

On Wednesday, I didn’t get a chance to post but I didn’t realize how much I look forward to reading the awesome blogs that participate in Kathy’s Link Up. She’s the Regina George of Wednesdays and I cannot get enough of her and all of your confessions. Some are quite sweet, or ranty, and of course hilarious. It’s the little things people and Wednesday Confessions is the cherry on my humpty hump Wednesday.

My sister got me into this show a while back and I was only able to watch until season seven when I cancelled my Netflix. As we all know I had to get back together with Netflix for Orange Is The New Black. Yes, Netflix I’m just using you. I might as well take advantage of that $7.99 for this month before I cancel and low and behold – Supernatural Season 8! I’m on it like Dean Winchester and a cheeseburger. There’s brothers, mythical creatures, demons, adventure, and tons of sheer hilariousness. I mean if Supernatural doesn’t make you crack a smile you’re effing dead inside. Sorry. That’s just the simple truth. Plus for all you ladies that LOVED GILMORE GIRLS (me, me, me) Dean (Rory’s first boyfriend) is on this show! Now disclaimer I initially drove my sister cray to mother effing zee when I first started watching because Dean’s name is Sam and his brother on Supernatural is named Dean!!! I was like NOOOO! Didn’t you watch Gilmore, just switch the brothers’ name and call it a wrap. Ohhhh and for my Grey’s Crew, one word, DENNY! Yes, Denny is on the show. Anyways, watch it and laugh.


This product is the shizzz….straight up. The ombre definitely is hard on my ends. I mean it’s just bleaching your hair but this leave in conditioner not only offers great fly away control, protects your hair, it heals! My ends look so much better. I put some of this ish on at nighttime before bed and a little more before any heat and yo, my hair has been looking FIIIIINNNNNE. I’m always real with you all and a 4oz bottle is like $17.00. Ouch! It’s worth it though. I wanted to take a little extra care of this Lion’s mane before Mexico with all the sun, salt, and chlorine (our hotel has a pool or two). This baby boy has the LBG’S HIGHEST LEVEL OF APPROVAL!!!!




HEYYYYY!!! We still have to chop it up about our fitness. It’s Friday and that means the sweet Aubrey from ALG Uninterrupted reminds us all we need to get our sexy rexy on! Share the good, the bad, and the margaritas.

You know…so holla at some Fitness Fridays!

Today was a rest day for me since my legs were feeling hella tired. I managed to get a lot of working out in this week. Holla!!! It looked a little something like this! Plus a 3.0 mile walk with my homegirl on Wednesday.
I’m still doing arm workouts and some ab/core work before bed on most nights. I don’t usually track that since it’s like in between commercials or 3 sets of 15 of three exercises. I will say that my tummy and arms are taking on a nice little shape with that kinda toning. Heart it!
This morning I met up with my worst nightmare Β friend, the scale, and we did our thing. BAM!!!! 2.5 lbs down!!!!

I was like for real???
This week I’m gonna have to thank MFP and the tracking. Even though I indulged in some unhealthy (but DELICIOUS) meals – I tracked almost all of that!!! As a result I did moderate my ish a bit. Damn, 2.5 down feels good! The tummy was looking flatter this week so I had a hunch.

Alright homies, it’s time to make Friday happen so we can head out like champions! Hope you have a kick ass weekend planned and can squeeze in a little fit too.


It’s Thursday but seriously did not have a minute to spare for the Hump. I was covered in work yesterday. I also opted to do a three mile walk with my homegirl post-work and watch a little Supernatural.

However I love me some Kathy & her HUMPTASTIC CONFESSIONS so even if I’m a day late and a dollar short we’re making it happen. That’s just the way I roll, beatches.

Vodka and Soda

1. I HAVE BEEN EATING BADLY THIS WEEK. However I love me some Mexican, Margaritas, and Chocolate Ice Cream. No regrets, beatches. Or as the young bebes say YOLO! They may actually no longer be saying this because all us old ladies are but whateves.

I always think of M.I.A. and this jam when I say YOLO! It’s on several of the running mixes. I once saw M.I.A. at the Concourse in SF and she was hella drunk. She did three songs and was practically carried off stage. I was hella pissed since the tickets were like $40 or $50 bucks. After that we kinda broke up. I did hear that she was amazing when she was a Coachella several years back but I hold my grudge and will not pay money to see her drunk ass again. TRUE STORY

2. I just saw the San Jose Rock N Roll medals and am nerdily excited to sport that obnoxious beast of a medal. Woot woot! Half Baby!!!

3. Even though Mexico is not gonna be the vacay we planned, I am so ready to get out of my office and just chill for a week. I’m like you cannot get here soon enough…..well maybe not too soon since I still have MAD WORK to accomplish but you dig.

4. I confess that I wanted to smack our IT dude since he is worthless. I’m like this is NOT A PROJECTION! This is shizz we need our new system to do!!! Also FYI the staff that was like we don’t want to touch our computers ALL RETIRED! I want to be able to run my own reports and not come knocking at your door for access. If you want job security just do this ish!!!

5. I have plans all weekend long and I really just wish I could stay in bed and DO NOTHING!!! Friends visiting, soccer game with my old man, and baby shower. It’s like EEK!!! Where did all these plans come from and will I be able to get enough sleep and still run 6 miles???? Why must I be social??? Hashtag Old Lady Problems.

6. I confess that I’m feeling more normal after all the funeral stuff. I still have mini crying moments but much better. I also had a MAJOR cry-fest as I watched Anderson Cooper cover the Netherlands bringing home the bodies of those lost in the Malaysian flight crash. The did profiles of many of the passengers and there were so many kids. It just made my little heart break. People are so amazing and our ability to preserve after tragedies like that is nothing short of astonishing. Ok, enough of my sad bastardness but it’s confessions…I’m keeping it real.

7. Finally, I confess that I ate a breakfast burrito this morning and it was HELLA delish….I need to pull it together for GET SEXY MEXICO because I am carrying around a burrito bebe.

Alright, kids. Hope you are doing your thing this week, spending time with the people you love, and not being chained to the man. PS Me and my office mate just rocked out to Fantastic Voyage by Coolio….out of control.


Big Girl Mondays

It’s Monday night and I’m just being a grown up. You know, a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, and a little PBS.

I slept all of three or four hours last night but still managed my morning run. I reasoned that another hour of sleep wouldn’t make a difference in terms of exhaustion. Hopefully tonight I will hit those sheets hard and snooze like a morher effing bebe. At least that’s the dream πŸ˜‰

Last Tango in Halifax is my PBS jam. I’m getting all caught up as I take out the recycling and wash the workout clothes. I desperately did not want to launder tonight but it needed to happen. Big girl pants on… Well at least for tonight.

I tried on my Victoria secret swim separates, quickly determined the tops worked but the bottoms were clearly obscene. That’s just too much body – eek! Very little material and they felt poorly constructed like they’d wash away with a single wave. I like my ass to be a bit more covered thank you very much Ms. Vicky’s. Those will be going back as soon as I can head into the city.

Anyways, my lovies. I hope you had successful, kick ass, big girl Mondays.

On Fridays We Link Up and wear flip flops and drink margaritas….DEAL!

Beaattches, it’s Friday! You know what that means right???

It’s Friday and we show all our link up lurve and drink margaritas at 4:30pm. Yep, it’s definitely one of those effing weeks. My mind is officially on the weekend even if my body is sitting at my desk at work.

First, is the lovely Amanda of Meet Me at the Barre. If you haven’t got a chance check out all her gorgeous engagement photos. She let’s us all in on her Friday Favorites and keeps us old ladies in the know.

1) AVOCADO!!!! It’s my favorite for the week in the fruit/veggie category. We had an Iron Chef Avocado challenge in the oficina yesterday. My little Avocado soft serve came out pretty good. It needed more freeze to really hit up soft serve but was way thicker than a smoothie so go me! Plus hella people in the office LURVED IT!!! Honorable Mention but no win..still awesome.


– 2 very ripe bananas (cut up and frozen)
– 1 bag of TJ’s frozen mango (make sure the mangos look more orange than yellow for ultimate ripeness)
– 3 Avocados
– Two splashes (about 1/2 can of light coconut milk). I did one splash in the beginning and another later on as I added more avocado to keep my ninja blending.
– Bust out your ninja/bullet/vitamix and blend with lurve!!!

2) Flip Flops!!! I’ve been living in my flip flops this week because I’m lazy. They’re quick easy and my toes are the cutest turquoise with Essie Trophy Wife πŸ™‚ Holla flip flops!

3) ORIENTATION IS OVER!!! I love these little frosh bebes but I cannot keep up with 7 weeks of their excitement, heart break, and anxiety over coming to college. They have been leaving me looking like this:

But don’t trip, later today I will be all smiles looking this!!!

4) MARGARITAS!!!! This is because it’s Friday and I am really looking forward to drinking five one and kicking back with co-workers. Love, love, love!!!

Those were your Friday Favorites, chicas!!! Brought to you by the letter F!!

HOLD UP! Don’t just peace out yet. We have my other Friday homegirl, Aubrey, from ALG Uninterrupted to chop it up with. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LINK-UPS BABIES!

She hosts her Friday Fitness where we can talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of our fit.

It’s Friday so I go find my frenemy, the scale, and pull her sad ass out of the bathroom cupboard. Just the usual Friday – check one, check two…… AND BAM DOWN -.4 lbs!!!

My eating wasn’t as clean (ie there was some junk and quite a bit of processed-ish) as it should have been but I did track, track, and more track. I also was a little loose with my calories but hey when you’re riding the lady time wave you’re lucky I didn’t eat an entire bag of oreos….ya hear me?

I did pretty good bringing my little evol lunches and the BF and I cooked all our dinners. I also picked fruit 9/10 for my snack instead of cookies. My office almost always has a baked good in the kitchen and I have been pretty much “Just say no to baked goods” unless it’s like REALLY DELICIOUS.

My running and abs have been on track. I wish I could of run yesterday too but I was tired and my body needed the rest. Take a quick look at the week in review since our last little Friday check in. Yeah me!!

All and all I am pretty happy with the get fit this week. Hopefully you all kicked some ass and had some good fit too! I have four more weeks until Mexico so trying to really make it count!!

Alright my internet lovelies, it’s Friday and I’m out!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to all your posts and seeing the shenanigans.