Rolling with my homies or should I say running?

Floating around this week and I’m still trying to get myself together. Grief, stress, work and trying to move forward all just crushing me. I want to lay in bed, sleep, run, drink iced coffees and just be….just be in the quiet. That space I can find in the morning as the geese honk softly across the lake and I feel my tired steps along heavy breaths.

It’s not all bad just complicated. Let’s focus on the normal, you know the fake it ’till you make it theory.

STITCHFIX ordered in a moment of shopping therapy to fill my big fat grief hole.


The box was pretty and lovely. Too bad I swam in everything and only one piece was really my style. I was pretty disappointed but it seems like you need 2 or 3 boxes before it hits.



I really dug the little style card they sent you with outfit/styling ideas. I don’t really think I’ll order another box but I will probably follow their style blog.

Running has been going well and I even managed a 3.0 mile walk on Saturday. Hooray 4 workouts and a walk! I still gained .1 lb this week (Friday weigh in). Not a bad gain but I thought I’d have a loss, maybe too much beer. This weekend had been full of way TOO much good stuff. But hey workouts and water drinking are solid so maybe this will be the week for food.

Fireworks always seem so magical to me. Reminders of summers’ past and running around without your parents. Waiting up to twirl around with sparklers, see a big show, or light your own in the street. I love that feeling. We spent this year quietly, a BBQ for two, some Godfather on tv, and watching the fireworks from our rooftop deck. I’m still not feeling crowds yet and it was nice to be at our casita in the sky. I captured that little jewel on my phone and just relaxed and enjoyed the rest.

Here comes another week interwebbies. Feeling like another wave to knock me under the water… The most important thing is just to keep trying and going. Smiling and letting myself laugh. Hope you had a fabulous long weekend!!!



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