ON FRIDAYS WE LINK UP…..and dance it out like the glee kids

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It’s fabulous Friday so we’re gonna kick it with the always lovely Amanda of meet me @ the barre. Anyone else fall madly in love with that blue tie dyed maxi she wore the other day??? Seriously, Amanda should run Stichfix and maybe I would actually receive clothes that I like. Anyways, I completely digress. Let’s get back on track here.


1)Santa Cruz Roasting Company – Sweet Italian coffee beans. The Whole Foodie was out of Blue Bottle. Not shocking since that coffee is the absolute best and I will have to cut you if you say otherwise. Anyways, I think I tried this a while back during a lovely little day beach trip in Santa Cruz and picked up a bag as a Blue Bottle substitute at the Whole Foodie earlier this week. It’s a very solid coffee, buddies. The boyfriend and I are both really enjoying it. LBG RECOMMENDED!

2) EVOL LUNCH BOWLS. I have been bringing these to work to help me stay on track and they are actually a pretty dope little company. Here’s their “Food Philosophy” from their website.

Our food philosophy is simple: Love what you eat. So, we make REAL FOOD with ingredients that you would find in your pantry. We’re leading change in a challenged food system and encouraging people to connect with food, where it comes from, and how it is produced. Whether it’s made from scratch in your kitchen or a convenient frozen meal on the run, every eating experience should feel good and be worth sharing.

No Anitbiotics – Our chicken, beef, pork, eggs and cheese come from animals raised on US Family Farms WITHOUT the use of Antibiotics & Hormones.
No Artificial flavors, colors or additives.
No GMOs in our grains, vegetables & oils.

The fire grilled steak and teryaki chicken have been my jams! I’m treating myself to a fancy smoked gouda mac and cheese today because it’s FRIDAY! Anyways, not quite the homemade lunches I want but better than giving into the crapola college food I am surrounded by at the oficina. Hashtag College Adviser problems.

3) Nectarines and Plums!!! Welcome to Summer!!! I cannot wait to hit up my farmers market and get more delicious nectarines and plums! These have been my snack attack of choice and they are so sweet and delicious!!! If you haven’t got your Summer Farmer’s Market on kiddies, it’s time to find one and grab some cash (yes, you need to real money) and get yourself some tasty, local, and organic treats.

Those are my lovely little favs, peeps!!! I can’t wait to read yours and hopefully try out a few.

Of course, we can’t forget it’s FITNESS FRIDAY!

Hosted by Aubrey and I love it because Friday’s a great chance to just talk about our week in health and fitness. Regroup, rant, or rave. Whatever you need.


I lost a pound and a half this week!!! Time to have a mini oficina dance party, interwebbies!!

Running was very solid – check it out!

I also incorporated some ab work and arms about 3x this week. Hooraz!!! I’m feeling better and am getting closer to my pre-funeral weight…sigh. 2014 you have been kicking me in the face but hey I’m getting back up! Really that’s what matters….hello public service announcement and you can now put me on glee.



(You know I had to go with Santana. Brown Girls, beeatcches! We’re fierce like that)

This weekend I’m all about farmer’s market and trying to keep up the good work. Thanks Interwebbies for being my sounding board during this rough time. Even if I cannot run away in real life, I can always run away and hide out in my corner of the blogosphere. Or on your little blogs which crack me up and bring me joy. See fountain of positivity 😉

Have a kick ass weekend!

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