Photographer to the stars and other bloggy blog thoughts

Dear Monday,
Let’s just start off the day right. Me and you are cool. I don’t have any issues with you. In the past, you’ve been kind of a jerk face and I think that’s fair to say. Let’s just try and make today different, ok? Feel me?

That beautiful view is from my Monday morning run which was lovely. However I could not for the life of me pass out. I even managed to be in bed by a decent old lady time of 9:30pm last night. Instead of sleeping, I tossed and turned and eventually cracked open my ipad at 10:30pm because laying in bed and not sleeping is BS. I didn’t hit the pavement until 5:25am which means I got into the office a little late. My bad. However my body (and yours) is a priority. The office will not make sure you are stress free or an old lady that can walk unassisted, so make some time!!! That was my Jillian tough love impression…cannot wait to catch up on her podcasts!


This morning there was a crazy sprinkler situation near the lake and I was terrified I would get wet. I mean it was 57* and it was the beginning of my run where I am pretty much sleep running. Crisis was averted and I attempted to take a picture of the sprinklers of terror for you all but this is what happened instead. I’m a regular Ansel Adams, clearly.

*I’m from California and anything below 65 degrees is considered chilly. Hashtag Cali Problems.

Post run I hit up my neighborhood Starbucks and grabbed a medium cup of joe. I open up the old facebook on the walk home (aka cool down) to see what’s going on while drinking my coffee. In doing so, I stumbled across these two little memes/posts and thought of the Interwebbie-sphere. Screen shot save for my homies!



I know cheesy but hey at least I thought of you beeatches đŸ™‚

Also here’s some WEEKEND UPDATES, just in case I decide to reference any of this ish later this week.
* DIM SUM ON SUNDAY! I love pork buns soooo delicious!
* SATURDAY – I actually ran 6.3 miles – BOOYAH! Bringing the long runs back….which is pretty much necessary since ya…October Half in the SJC.
* FRIDAY – PIZZA……PIZZA……so yummy.
* I sorted my small kindergartener pile of laundry and did two loads. We also cleaned 75% of the apartment. Hooray for being grown-ups!

Alright my internet loves, I need to do some work and hopefully the truce with Monday will continue. Hope you’re getting your Monday on…in a good way.


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