I’m the downtrodden, alcohol craving, exhausted Disney Princessa


Except for I do not have a martini…just a camelbak of water…even sadder.

I am at work though and drinking is frowned upon. Sadly.

Thank you bebe Jesus that the frosh have all been seen and I can now catch up on work with our other gajillion students….catching up. Makes me feel just like a little like this.


Also DON’T EAT THE EVOL CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA!!! It’s not that satisfying…decent, sure but not $5.00 worth or as delicious as the others. Thank goodness I only bought one. Yea, I just ate it. This post is all of five sentences yet has taken me several hours to write…multitasking…goddamn lie.

Last night, I managed to be in bed by 10:15pm and actually sleep!!! Hooraz! I was still a little tired this morning but my sleepy ass ran. I get to sleep in tomorrow because I have my 8:15am meeting which requires me to be on time (aka no running). I do think the ole’ legs need a rest so this is definitely a good thing. Not to dwell but I’m hella sad my evol masala was crappy. Sad face.

Word, Bridget. Word.

Today feels like it should be a Friday and I’m going home for two days of rest….I don’t know if I can salvage Tuesday, peeps. Very very unsure…maybe more coffee….it seems like a good plan B. Maybe right before I hit up my student appointments I’ll grab a hot cup of joe.

Oh, I liked this article from XOJane on swimsuit bodies! Check it out!!!

Hmm…what else did I read that was fun on the internets this week.
I LOVE THIS TUMBLR! You have to check it out but here’s a tasty little sample.

Ooohhh!! Alright so not something I read but an email I got. Hold up! Let’s rewind. So I did the Brooklyn Half Marathon this year and it was EPIC. I had a complete blast, kicked it in NYC, and visited with my best chica in Jersey. This was my first destination race and it was FABULOUS! Also an amazing race, water/gatorade at every mile, great energy, and ended at Coney Island. So back to today – I got an email from Disney about various races and noticed the Tinkerbell Half (Disneyland) goes on sale in August and is for May 2015. The timeline is good for work but damn home skillet the half registration is like $200! I’m also am pretty sure that doesn’t include entry into the park. Anyways, this is where you all come in. Has anyone done/participate in a Disney race? Is it fun? Is it worth it??? Damn, $195! That’s a grip. I mean my sister LOVES Disney and she would be down for a weekend adventure/destination she would probably rock the 5k though and that’s on a Friday (half being on the Sunday). I do have some time to ponder. It’s a hefty price for race entry though…Thoughts/ideas? Have you done or your homie done a Disney race?

Alright, nice. I’m back to being a fountain of positivity. Instead of this:
Hehehe…couldn’t help but use that one.


8 thoughts on “I’m the downtrodden, alcohol craving, exhausted Disney Princessa

  1. *raises her mug of coffee in cheers* Here’s to you catching up on work-related stuff. And hun, rest! Your body needs it, and from what it sounds like, so does your mind. Stress sucks!
    Enjoy the rest of your day! Read my two recent posts when you get the chance… โค

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