Say Yes To The Hump and other old lady addictions


Dun na…na..nananana….yep, we’re gonna taking this Hump straight into Hammertime! Get cozy in your hammer pants ’cause it’s the Humpty Hump Wednesday!

You know that means we just let it all out with Kathy from Vodka and Soda with her very sexy Hump Day Confessions. Click that button, you know you want to. WAIT!!! I mean read me first and then click the button. Thanks!

Vodka and Soda

Ok, what have I got for you this week my pretties…

1) Let’s just confess that I’m kinda walking a fine line with my mean girl this week. Maybe it’s that the ladytime is in town or that I’m exhausted from work. But it’s like my mouth opens and mean girl just straight pours out…..I mean more in a Regina than exploding Gretchen way but you get it. I gotta check that shit. Or at least reign it into some Cristina and Mere – honest mean girl.

2) My Vanilla Latte addiction is back but now it’s in the afternoons. I need to kick that shit out because I don’t need those foamy vanilla-y extra calories. I broke up with your Skinny Vanilla ass in the morning but now you’re back like a bad ex. Seriously, Vanilla latte we need to only kick it during the weekends. I’m sorry but you’re not the one. You can’t be creeping into the week days. I just can’t have it.

3) I’m ready for this work week to be OVER!!! I haven’t fully given on up the week of July 14th but in some ways I have. DUNZO!!! Like can I just take a rain check and show up shiny and new on Monday? I was supposed to be all happy pants but clearly that has worn off….sigh, maybe more coffees that aren’t vanilla lattes. I’ve been using the latte to feign inspiration and rah rah…I need an intervention….I hope I get sent to Malibu or one of those fancy rehabs with tea and yoga.

4) I am loving my morning workouts! Thanks Kathy for being so inspiring and shit. I love reading about other peoples old lady routines – bed early, wake up early and do something grown up and productive. I feel like we need solidarity in our old lady-ness. Of course, occasionally you need to rally and do something crazy like your 23. If not for any other reason that to say “DAMN! This is why I don’t do this shit anymore but that was hella fun!”

5) I confess that I’ve been watching A LOT of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix because it’s so fun and easy. I can turn my brain off or use it to do sit ups or dedicate 20 minutes to putting my clothes away…you know like hung up in the closet instead of on my desk. I hope it’s not scarying my boyfriend. But know what? EFF IT if it does because I had to watch like 3 consecutive days of Lebron Watch on ESPN and that made me what to shoot my face off. HASHTAG keeping it even!



12 thoughts on “Say Yes To The Hump and other old lady addictions

  1. Hey girl!
    Though I do like watching basketball from time-to-time, I’m not a fan of Lebron. He just doesn’t do anything for me. I’m glad that you got your “revenge” with Say Yes to the Dress; wasn’t much of a fan of that show either …thank you, What Not to Wear!

    Instead of skinny vanilla lattes, maybe try some skinny hazelnut breves? I’m not sure what the calorie difference would be between the two, but it’s something new to try. Or even a chai!! Yum! :3

    Anyhow, here’s to hoping you have a better day. *hugs*
    ❤ ❤

  2. Nice! I just can’t get up and do a morning workout. It takes my hair forever to dry and I don’t have the patience to blow dry. I’m sure I coulc get over it but right now I really can’t

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