On Fridays We Link Up and wear flip flops and drink margaritas….DEAL!

Beaattches, it’s Friday! You know what that means right???

It’s Friday and we show all our link up lurve and drink margaritas at 4:30pm. Yep, it’s definitely one of those effing weeks. My mind is officially on the weekend even if my body is sitting at my desk at work.

First, is the lovely Amanda of Meet Me at the Barre. If you haven’t got a chance check out all her gorgeous engagement photos. She let’s us all in on her Friday Favorites and keeps us old ladies in the know.

1) AVOCADO!!!! It’s my favorite for the week in the fruit/veggie category. We had an Iron Chef Avocado challenge in the oficina yesterday. My little Avocado soft serve came out pretty good. It needed more freeze to really hit up soft serve but was way thicker than a smoothie so go me! Plus hella people in the office LURVED IT!!! Honorable Mention but no win..still awesome.


– 2 very ripe bananas (cut up and frozen)
– 1 bag of TJ’s frozen mango (make sure the mangos look more orange than yellow for ultimate ripeness)
– 3 Avocados
– Two splashes (about 1/2 can of light coconut milk). I did one splash in the beginning and another later on as I added more avocado to keep my ninja blending.
– Bust out your ninja/bullet/vitamix and blend with lurve!!!

2) Flip Flops!!! I’ve been living in my flip flops this week because I’m lazy. They’re quick easy and my toes are the cutest turquoise with Essie Trophy Wife 🙂 Holla flip flops!

3) ORIENTATION IS OVER!!! I love these little frosh bebes but I cannot keep up with 7 weeks of their excitement, heart break, and anxiety over coming to college. They have been leaving me looking like this:

But don’t trip, later today I will be all smiles looking this!!!

4) MARGARITAS!!!! This is because it’s Friday and I am really looking forward to drinking five one and kicking back with co-workers. Love, love, love!!!

Those were your Friday Favorites, chicas!!! Brought to you by the letter F!!

HOLD UP! Don’t just peace out yet. We have my other Friday homegirl, Aubrey, from ALG Uninterrupted to chop it up with. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LINK-UPS BABIES!

She hosts her Friday Fitness where we can talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of our fit.

It’s Friday so I go find my frenemy, the scale, and pull her sad ass out of the bathroom cupboard. Just the usual Friday – check one, check two…… AND BAM DOWN -.4 lbs!!!

My eating wasn’t as clean (ie there was some junk and quite a bit of processed-ish) as it should have been but I did track, track, and more track. I also was a little loose with my calories but hey when you’re riding the lady time wave you’re lucky I didn’t eat an entire bag of oreos….ya hear me?

I did pretty good bringing my little evol lunches and the BF and I cooked all our dinners. I also picked fruit 9/10 for my snack instead of cookies. My office almost always has a baked good in the kitchen and I have been pretty much “Just say no to baked goods” unless it’s like REALLY DELICIOUS.

My running and abs have been on track. I wish I could of run yesterday too but I was tired and my body needed the rest. Take a quick look at the week in review since our last little Friday check in. Yeah me!!

All and all I am pretty happy with the get fit this week. Hopefully you all kicked some ass and had some good fit too! I have four more weeks until Mexico so trying to really make it count!!

Alright my internet lovelies, it’s Friday and I’m out!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to all your posts and seeing the shenanigans.


12 thoughts on “On Fridays We Link Up and wear flip flops and drink margaritas….DEAL!

  1. Great job with your runs!! I can’t wait to be back on track with my runs now that I’m back from vacation! Oh and detoxing a little from all of the crap that I ate during that week haha.

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