On Fridays We Link Up…..condition our hair and talk about Dean & Denny

WOOOOOO HOOOOO WOOOOOOO! It’s Friday, Interwebbies!!! Let’s start the oficina dance party!

Yes. I went there. It’s Friday. On my Fridays we dance to 90’s musica. Deal with it 😉 All I want…All I need…now I know….(in my off key singing voice). Let’s pour ourselves a cocktail and give each other abrazos because we made it through another work week.

Of course, it’s Friday and that means we link up like the Mean Girls we all are.

Let’s start with Amanda because as always she’s lovely. Her engagement photos are so adorbs. Of course, being a College Adviser, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they took a whole set back at their alma mater. Time for some FRIDAY FAVORITES & MEET ME @ THE BARRE.
Friday Favorites

This was my first week with no Orientation and honestly I just needed to recover. Hopefully next week I will bring the fire and attack all my work like a crazy person. However a few significant things did get checked off which is a solid feeling although I’m still not at maximum productivity. As I said goodbye to anxious overachieving freshman bebes, I fell madly in love with the following:

On Wednesday, I didn’t get a chance to post but I didn’t realize how much I look forward to reading the awesome blogs that participate in Kathy’s Link Up. She’s the Regina George of Wednesdays and I cannot get enough of her and all of your confessions. Some are quite sweet, or ranty, and of course hilarious. It’s the little things people and Wednesday Confessions is the cherry on my humpty hump Wednesday.

My sister got me into this show a while back and I was only able to watch until season seven when I cancelled my Netflix. As we all know I had to get back together with Netflix for Orange Is The New Black. Yes, Netflix I’m just using you. I might as well take advantage of that $7.99 for this month before I cancel and low and behold – Supernatural Season 8! I’m on it like Dean Winchester and a cheeseburger. There’s brothers, mythical creatures, demons, adventure, and tons of sheer hilariousness. I mean if Supernatural doesn’t make you crack a smile you’re effing dead inside. Sorry. That’s just the simple truth. Plus for all you ladies that LOVED GILMORE GIRLS (me, me, me) Dean (Rory’s first boyfriend) is on this show! Now disclaimer I initially drove my sister cray to mother effing zee when I first started watching because Dean’s name is Sam and his brother on Supernatural is named Dean!!! I was like NOOOO! Didn’t you watch Gilmore, just switch the brothers’ name and call it a wrap. Ohhhh and for my Grey’s Crew, one word, DENNY! Yes, Denny is on the show. Anyways, watch it and laugh.


This product is the shizzz….straight up. The ombre definitely is hard on my ends. I mean it’s just bleaching your hair but this leave in conditioner not only offers great fly away control, protects your hair, it heals! My ends look so much better. I put some of this ish on at nighttime before bed and a little more before any heat and yo, my hair has been looking FIIIIINNNNNE. I’m always real with you all and a 4oz bottle is like $17.00. Ouch! It’s worth it though. I wanted to take a little extra care of this Lion’s mane before Mexico with all the sun, salt, and chlorine (our hotel has a pool or two). This baby boy has the LBG’S HIGHEST LEVEL OF APPROVAL!!!!




HEYYYYY!!! We still have to chop it up about our fitness. It’s Friday and that means the sweet Aubrey from ALG Uninterrupted reminds us all we need to get our sexy rexy on! Share the good, the bad, and the margaritas.

You know…so holla at some Fitness Fridays!

Today was a rest day for me since my legs were feeling hella tired. I managed to get a lot of working out in this week. Holla!!! It looked a little something like this! Plus a 3.0 mile walk with my homegirl on Wednesday.
I’m still doing arm workouts and some ab/core work before bed on most nights. I don’t usually track that since it’s like in between commercials or 3 sets of 15 of three exercises. I will say that my tummy and arms are taking on a nice little shape with that kinda toning. Heart it!
This morning I met up with my worst nightmare  friend, the scale, and we did our thing. BAM!!!! 2.5 lbs down!!!!

I was like for real???
This week I’m gonna have to thank MFP and the tracking. Even though I indulged in some unhealthy (but DELICIOUS) meals – I tracked almost all of that!!! As a result I did moderate my ish a bit. Damn, 2.5 down feels good! The tummy was looking flatter this week so I had a hunch.

Alright homies, it’s time to make Friday happen so we can head out like champions! Hope you have a kick ass weekend planned and can squeeze in a little fit too.

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