Spicing it up and listing it out during the cray of the school year

The post where I list style everything because there’s TOO MUCH!!! Too many thoughts, too much work, and I’m still trying to switch gears from lady of leisure mode to the working girl I need to be. I mean I missed the Hump with Kathy (sad face).


Thankfully, my soul still has the spirit of Zihua and I’m kinda wandering through day to day with some beachy casualness. It’s the first week of school at Big Tier One Research University so I’m taking it all in stride but the minute I get home an exhaustion sets in and I just plop on the couch or bed. Of course we had serious computer issues, my inbox was busting at the seams, and oops I agreed to moderate a panel, and be on a panel all this week – EEK! Did I mention my dress ripped at work the other day? Oh yeah, that happened. Of course it was the day I was moderating and would need to be walking around. I’m blessed in that my bf was working from home and brought me a new dress. That’s love, peeps.

PS Yep, sunset from our little patio on vacay- LURVE
photo 2

Like I said I haven’t truly moved from vacay to real life and I’m still eating like every day is a treat. Sigh, that’s not good….for my pants…or apparently dresses. I felt really great on vacation and you know I’m camera shy about putting my face out here but I do have a little hammock tummy shot for you all. I got to the beach and felt really strong and confident. Paddle boarding was great and it really made me feel like I was in pretty good shape to be able to do that HOORAZ!
photo 5
There it is, peeps. A weird little body shot but there it is ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mad props to all you who post your beautiful faces and working out shots! The internet can be a creepy place so..yeah. It also can be a place where you meet cool people and when they post on your blog your little bloggy heart explodes…so good and bad. Just like life.

Sorry so distracted up there! The first week of school has derailed any real working out but today I was able to attend a bar method class at 7:00am and damn ass kicked! I need to get a run in this weekend like HARD CORE! I have my October half marathon so this needs to happen. I’m scheduled for like 7 miles but if I can somehow manage 6 I will be beyond grateful. Next week is really all about getting back into my early morning running routine and a few evening bar classes. After this month, I’m going to cancel my membership. I suspended it when my Grandma passed away. It’s time to start chipping away at my credit card debt (blargh) which got a little out of hand during that time….buying food/house items for all funeral related events, a few funeral items, and some really unnecessary shopping therapy. At least I have memories of this to keep me sane.
photo 3

I have soooo many student appointments this week that there’s really no time for my other work. That gives me the overwhelming tingle of stress in the background but I’m trying not too worry to much. Plus the freshman are so sweet and excited that it makes me stoked to be there as they enter this phase in their lives. I still am unsure where to take my career next or what I really want…ya know like the Spice Girls say “Tell me what ya want, what ya really really want?” I’m thirty three with already one career change under my belt but I find myself craving a flexibility that my office currently doesn’t provide….maybe new office? I have hit up two different training sessions, one on myers briggs and another career inventory. I seem to be in the right field (broadly) based on that but I don’t know…I guess I struggle with am I working to live ($$$ and enjoying life) or to I live to work (my job as my passion). Anyways, just something I struggle with. How about you? Is your job your passion? Or well paying to make your life super enjoyable? Ever had a career change? I want to know!!!!

I’m getting this lion’s mane cut this weekend. It’s a little out of control but am so looking forward to having my fabulous hair stylist tame this mop! Plus her salon is right next to Marshall’s so I always do a lap because DEALS! Thank you for the long weekend – haircut, check in with my Mama, and time to restock the fridge with HEALTHY food ie stop eating ice cream for dinner (true story).

Alright kiddies, I’m taking off to get in the shower and head into the oficina. I have another panel tonight for the bebes. I will leave you with this lovely vacay shot.
photo 4



Hey Tuesday, remember when MTV showed videos and no one lip synced

Dear Monday,
You can’t let me escape your wrath. That would be way to easy…wouldn’t it. In spite of all the crazy you through my way, I survived and am ready for Tuesday.

There was no fitness on Monday but Tuesday we’re getting back on track. That’s right. Me and you, Tuesday. We’re the new besties. Cristina to my Mere. Tequila to my lime. The cheese to my tortilla.

I still have that little vacation glow where I can pause to hear the ocean in my mind, letting the waves crash on my legs, and smell the beach air. In the moments of 5 million emails, too many appointments and not of enough coffee, I call upon the ocean and felt a little better. Still relaxed and that is why I love vacation.

Speaking of vacations and fun…the VMAs last night. Any other old ladies watch? That was so UNDER WHELMING!!! I’m glad I’m old. Just a few notes, it wasn’t that great. But here are my thoughts.
1. Ariana Grande, you are so cute! You remind me of Christina Aguillera 10 years ago before the Dirrty phase.
2. Taylor Swift, seriously you are tactless and now I kinda think a bad person. The whole snake comment was not very nice especially since it was just one of Nicki Minaj’s back-up dancers (bite by a snake and had to be rushed to hospital). I’m unaware of any beef that you may have with Nicki but let’s just keep it real you’re 5’7 and what 90 pounds dripping wet? Nicki will beat your ass….I was never into your whiny pop ex boyfriend flavor of the month music anyways but sheesh.
3. Damn Nicki….anaconda…you’re like if Lil’ Kim & Madonna had a baby. Not sure what to do with you but bringing the theatrics.
4. Miley Cyrus….the fake crying, sending up a homeless youth that for all I know you tried to buy drugs from earlier in the night…Jeez. You need to get rid of these yes people and have someone to check you, Miley. I don’t even know what to do with it. Thank god, Jimmy Fallon was up there to help that young man out.
5. Blue Ivy you are a cutie. Beyonce had the best performance but that’s not saying a whole lot.
6. Eating Peanut Butter Ice cream not knowing who half these young people are is half the fun of being an old lady watching the VMAs.

Alright my pretties, this old lady has to jet because I need to watch the Emmy’s…a show where I actually know who people are and black tie is not optional.


Almost Paradise…your lady of leisure returns

Not gonna lie, my interwebbies, I did not want to come back from vacation. I will get you all some gorgeous photos up soon so you can be jealous and day dream about your own vacay adventures. Sigh, I miss having coffee and fresh pan delivered to my door at 7:30am every day. It’s a wonderful way to wake up. I got back late Thurs/early Friday. The boyfriend and I have lounged around and brunched attempting to acclimate back to life where there’s no ocean view, daily maid service, and beach front property. It’s been rough…thankfully we came back to a weekend and not the work week right? Tomorrow though…eek, it’s gonna be an ass kicker.

While in Zihuatanejo, I feel in LOVE with paddle boarding!!! It was hella hella fun and I was surprisingly pretty good at it. We also fished one day and I caught three tuna!! We boated over to another little beach and this restaurant cooked up our tuna and mahi mahi for us. It was beyond delicious! I drank some fabulous Mexican wines paired with a four course dinner we did one night at our hotel’s wine cellar. Ohhh!!! We saw giant sea turtles lay eggs and later one of the hotel’s turtle protection reserve released newly hatched baby sea turtles! That was EPIC!!!

I feel so relaxed and happy. In a way I haven’t felt in a very long time and that is why the Europeans have it right and everyone should get like 4-5 paid vacation weeks. Trust, we would be a more loving, relaxed, and kinder people. From the looks of everything that happened in Ferguson while I was away, I would say this nation seriously needs that. DAMN, the world is rough and I feel straight up blessed.

Alright, back to my lovely vacay vibe – all hippie ex-pat and what not. Our hotel had fresh squeezed juice every morning with breakfast which was perfect. Most days I got the spinach, apple, celery, pineapple but I also enjoyed the cactus leaf, pineapple, and cucumber or the apple, carrot, cactus leaf too. We ate pretty light due to the heat except for a few fabulous dinners. Lots of chips (homemade & fresh) with guacamole & pica de gallo as an afternoon snack but split amongst four people it wasn’t bad at all. Every day I swam in the ocean & pool just a little back and forth….you know lady of leisure style. The pools both had an ocean view which was great. Our beach suite had a little patio with a hammock plus a small plunge pool and you could walk right onto the sand….you really couldn’t beat it.

I read everyday! Just laying in the hammock enjoying my books – just the sound of waves crashing. We also had a thunderstorm one night which was breath taking. All and all a memorable trip.

Coming back…it makes me want to simplify my life and casita a little. Get rid of the clutter, get a little more serious about my finances, plan more trips, and keep focusing on my health. I enjoyed the long days and being active was so easy since I’ve been focusing on my health this year. I want to keep that up. Hopefully starting tomorrow off with a little run. I missed commenting but trust I squeezed in a little blog reading at the airport.

Hopefully the interwebs have not forgotten me. As I settled back into reality yesterday I decided a movie was in order. OOOOooh Foot Loose is on! I immediately flipped the channel and got excited. Little did I know my excitement was about to be crushed because it was the stupid remake! I’m sorry but it cannot be Foot Loose without Kevin Bacon! No 80’s dancing feet or classic 80’s ballads like “Almost Paradise” Seriously, cable tv I don’t know what you’re peddling but lounging Saturdays are made for the real Foot Loose. Sigh, that’s when I knew vacay was over. No Kevin Bacon for you, lbg. Just poorly made 2000s remakes.

Anyways, I’m going to pretend to be productive now in an attempt to help me go to work tomorrow (noooo!). I leave you all with this….you have your choice or a little romance or a little funny.




Chasing lbg and other late HUMPTY HUMP Confessions

I’m Late! Late to the Hump!!!

For a very important Humpty Hump Confessions.

Through the rabbit hole we go!!!

Anyways, if Kathy will still let my late ass jump on the HUMP!

I’m here and ready with my pre-vacation confessions for your sexy rexy asses!

Vodka and Soda

You always forget about the pre-vacay activities that cost you $$$ Like the gel manicure my office mate talked me into but not gonna lie these toes still required a pedi for a beach vacay. Tiny bottles of things that are 4oz and carry on available because whenever I put my own ish in bottles it explodes and makes me an angry little brown girl and you do not want to see that.

One of the best things about a BEACH VACAY is the reading!!! You get to lounge about and read and flip over and jump in the ocean, jump in the hotel pool, all while just reading!!! I love this. I will be bringing these bad boys with me and am super duper excited!


After vacation this chica needs to get back to her early morning run schedule and in bed by 10pm. The sheer amount of work this week and vacay prep has lead me to give up on working out this week. In some ways it’s been good since I think I hurt the arch of my right foot. Sad face. So a week of and a little vacay hopefully I will come back and feel much better.

Yesterday my meeting made me want to lose my God Damn mind! Anyone else every have work meetings like that? I needed to text the bestie that it was about to be a murderball situation soon. She text distracted me so I did not go all Chasing Amy on the situation (see minute 2:30). Yes, Welcome to the 90’s it’s where I live. PS Favorite Ben movie…ok wait… tie w/ Good Will Hunting.

This was so very sad. Depression is a serious condition and I hope people are willing to seek help and know they have support. We were all talking about this loss the other day and my colleague mentioned Dead Poets Society so of course, I jumped on top of the nearest chair and “Oh Captain, my captain” and she hella laughed. Thanks for all the laughter, Robin. PS I did it before Jimmy Fallon!! Just another reason me and Jimmy would be buddies in real life.

This view….tomorrow…and yes, I will be having a margarita for my Interwebbie homies! This one’s for you.
Living the dream like Tom Cruise when he meets Elizabeth Shue in Cocktails.

If I don’t punch anyone in the face and make my flight on time.

I’m setting the bar low because I am exhausted and ready to run the eff away. Woot woo!!!

Have a lovely Thursday, Peeps! I leave you with another 90’s classic


JUST BURIED UNDER WORK AND VACAY TO-DO’S – I MISS YOU….like Molly Ringwald misses the 80’s

I’m still here!!! I promise!!!

You know how before you go on vacay everything has to get amazingly crazy and your to-do list basically throws up on itself??? That’s pretty much where I am right now. Throwing back the coffee, yawning, doing a ton of work, getting distracted, working on vacay to do list, daydreaming….and REPEAT.

I made an emergency decision that I did not feel good in one of my swimsuits last night and hopped on BART into SF to basically scavenge through Macy’s Summer Swim section. That place is an effin’ mess. The season’s almost over so homegirls are not reorganizing by style or brand anymore. Shizz is just getting hung back up because they about to shut that section down and fill it with mother effing coats. I kid you not. Anyways, I did hit up ROXY but all their Summer Clearance was non-existant and they had their Fall swim line up and I just couldn’t spend $70 on a suit. Not gonna do it. Luckily, Macy’s came through and I found a cute mix-n-match number, black and white stripes on top, polka dots on the bottoms, and I’m winning $30.00 total. I know I’ll be living in my suits in Mexico, why lie, so I felt like I needed three.

I also swung by Sephora and handed over my credit card to pay for sigh….$30 face sunblock (spf 50) by Shiseido. It was a grip but as a wise & well aged beauty counter woman once told me “You’ll spend $40 on shoes which go on your feet and wear out. You’re not gonna spend $40 on your face which you will wear a lifetime?” WORD. Give me the quality sunblock. Plus whenever I have to wear face sunblock multiple days, I always develop some kind of reaction…itchiness or worse case scenario these tiny little bumps. It’s Mexico, I need to protect this old lady mug so I’m paying the dirty thirty. My chica with amazing skin swears by this and she’s a delicate little princess so if her face doesn’t break out that gives me confidence. I’ve already warned the boyfriend this is FACE sunblock not to be wasted on your body. Put the Neutragena on that!!!

My working out this past few months has had ups and downs. At the end of the day, I do feel like I look better than I did in January and I am most definitely stronger. Will I be looking like this on the beach?
Not quite but still pretty DAMN good. My tummy still has a little more work to do. However don’t get it twisted I love that my body can run and I can do way more lady push-ups and sit-ups than in a HELLA long time. Plus 2014 is still not over my friends and I plan to keep going ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m gonna try and squeeze in another post for my Interwebbies tomorrow!! Cannot miss the Humpty Hump!

Yes, I’m not sure if any vacay posts will happen but I will be back!!! Don’t forget about me!!!

Best to leave you with this.



It’s Wednesday and I’m praying for more coffee. My little eyes are so tired after a night of restless sleep. I skipped the run since my body needed a few extra zzz’s and hope to either get a walk or run in tonight. Keeping hope alive! Anyways, let’s get right (yawn) to the Wednesday Hump, shall we? At least before I put my drowsy head down on this desk.

Vodka and Soda

Let’s get this confessing on the road!!!

Dear Booze,
Don’t get it twisted. I adore you. You’re some good times and did I mention delicious? Yes, you are all of those things and more but you manage to turn me into a munchinator with no bounds. We share a drink or two and all of a sudden I’m eating an entire plate of goat cheese poppers. This is an issue. We need to only kick it occasionally because I also love my pants. I love my pants even more when they fit and you with your munchiness if effing that up. We good? Awesome…let’s keep our sessions to a once a week (preferably on the weekends).


My running shoes are dust and I’m having a hard time accepting it. However they’re starting to hurt my feet and eff me up. Sigh, I don’t want to shell out a $100 or so to replace those bad boys. I want to spend money on bras or booze…or both! I’m running 4-5x a week so I need to make this happen…god damn.

I hate dealing with crazy ass students at the end of the day. Especially when you are not my student….go be crazy in Engineering or Chemistry. You and your cray to the zee belong to them!!!! I’ve got my own crazies to take care of. Sheesh.

I MISSED MY TRAIN BECAUSE YOU AND YOUR DAMN DOG WALKED AND WOULD NOT GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!! PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO CATCH THE TRAIN, PLEASE MOVE!!! WHAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND??? IT BLOWS MY MIND!!! Sigh….late to a meeting. Blame that slow lady and her dog. She didn’t appear to have an impairment which would require a service dog. Although some disabilities are unseen, so respect. However service dogs usually wear an outfit right? You know that little material vest over their midsection. Whatever…hopefully they covered nothing important.

That’s it. I just want to be home eating something delicious in my sweat pants. Is that so wrong?


I need to wash and pack for my trip this weekend and it seems like I am always in a never ending battle with laundry. One thing I HATE about apartment living…not having my own washer and dryer. That would be a dream!!! I mean I straight up love my dishwasher…I don’t think I could ever go back. Seriously….never going back.

Small tiny chance we may move. Its kinda exciting. That’s all I will say. Don’t want to jinx it. It’s super fun to dream it up with your partner.

Alright my interwebbies. That’s all I got for you on the Hump. Make it happen!

Dude, I’m back! Don’t trip it’s Monday

Bullet point style because it’s been days and days and days….ok well not that long but far too long.

Damn, where to begin!!! There’s way to much! Hmmm…..

* Brief Week Overview.
Last week we said adios to my bestie and co-worker. It was filled with way too many good bye lunches and happy hours. I worked out less due to some early morning meetings and had dinner at the bar. Eek! It was hella fun and sad…tear tear…I’m gonna miss that guy but he’s going on to amazing things. This bestie is proud of her homeboy.

* Friday Link Up – Catch Up!
Fridays, we sit with those cool girls Amanda & Aubrey and we chop it up about our faves and fitness. It’s some serious goodtimes.
Little did I know, that Friday at work would be mother effing cray and I was trying to leave early because ummm…margaritas. So I missed out on posting. SAD FACE! I did have a Friday Favorite list and it included things like drinking with buddies, pork chops, and coming home to flowers. You know good shizz. However that was all wiped away when I stepped on my frenemy’s (the scale) face and the number that smacked me across my face!
Did I expect a gain? Of course! One does not drink margaritas on three separate occasions during the week and not expect a gain. But seriously 2.5???? I was feeling all bloated that morning so I’m sure some of it is water (hopefully) but it still sucked!!! Damn you, good times with friends! Spoiler alert – I just misbehaved through the weekend so that wasn’t very productive. BLARGH!!!



* Summer Breeze 10k
I did however despite drowning my sorrows in cocktails by the firepit at Comal get up on Saturday and kick ass at a 10k. PS I love Comal, it’s seriously fancy Mexican and I adore it.

Anyways, back to the race. This was a great race and I would completely do it again! We ran along the San Francisco Bay Trail in San Leandro and the views were beautiful even if it was gray.
For the 10k they had 4 aid stations and two of them had tons of snacks! Not just gu but pretzels, potato chips, and fruit. The mile markers were small but efficient and visible. Overall it was a flat course which what’s not to love about that??!!! There are a few cute little bridges you run over and I enjoyed it immensely. Plus you got this beauty!
The cherry on top was that I finished 4th in my age group with my 57 minute 10k!!! Hooraz! I felt like a champion and preceded to celebrate with brunch.

* Dinner Parties/Grown Up Get Togethers
The Saturday celebration continued with an amazingly delish cookout with friends. I kinda killed the hummus and chips….I’ve got issues. I managed to eat healthy at dinner – grilled chicken, squash, zucchini, salad, small serving of rice…god damn you capresi salad (fail). One medium glass of red wine (not bad). I couldn’t pass up blueberry tart and espresso with patron chocolate liquor…Sigh, deliciousness. I give up…Saturday despite the 6.2 miles you won!
* Sunday, how the hell do we get back on track!
I spent Sunday buying healthy ish at Whole Foods, doing laundry, and tidying my kitchen. There were some sit ups and push ups but no real workout (fail again!). I did feel like a grown except for where the bf suckered me into brunch again!! Nooo!!! But there was no booze (winning!!). I vowed Monday would be the day I would pull it all together.


* Monday mishaps!
Now, here we are back to Monday. I woke up and stayed true to myself and hit the lake for a nice 3.4 miler. I brought oatmeal into the office so I could just say No to Breakfast Burritos. PS This is a critical campaign and I hope you all fully sign on. I added spinach to my Evol fire grilled steak bowl for added nutritional value which is amazing. Anyways, the work stuff has been slow and not the best day…maybe because I feel asleep on the train and almost missed my stop. Or the whole blow drying the hair thing making me late. Eh, Mondays right?

So that’s almost everything you missed, Interwebbies. I will try and be more on it this week. I swear. I don’t want you all to be like this:
Hope you’re having a manageable Monday, peeps. Really I do. Until next time which will be sooner, I promise!