Dude, I’m back! Don’t trip it’s Monday

Bullet point style because it’s been days and days and days….ok well not that long but far too long.

Damn, where to begin!!! There’s way to much! Hmmm…..

* Brief Week Overview.
Last week we said adios to my bestie and co-worker. It was filled with way too many good bye lunches and happy hours. I worked out less due to some early morning meetings and had dinner at the bar. Eek! It was hella fun and sad…tear tear…I’m gonna miss that guy but he’s going on to amazing things. This bestie is proud of her homeboy.

* Friday Link Up – Catch Up!
Fridays, we sit with those cool girls Amanda & Aubrey and we chop it up about our faves and fitness. It’s some serious goodtimes.
Little did I know, that Friday at work would be mother effing cray and I was trying to leave early because ummm…margaritas. So I missed out on posting. SAD FACE! I did have a Friday Favorite list and it included things like drinking with buddies, pork chops, and coming home to flowers. You know good shizz. However that was all wiped away when I stepped on my frenemy’s (the scale) face and the number that smacked me across my face!
Did I expect a gain? Of course! One does not drink margaritas on three separate occasions during the week and not expect a gain. But seriously 2.5???? I was feeling all bloated that morning so I’m sure some of it is water (hopefully) but it still sucked!!! Damn you, good times with friends! Spoiler alert – I just misbehaved through the weekend so that wasn’t very productive. BLARGH!!!



* Summer Breeze 10k
I did however despite drowning my sorrows in cocktails by the firepit at Comal get up on Saturday and kick ass at a 10k. PS I love Comal, it’s seriously fancy Mexican and I adore it.

Anyways, back to the race. This was a great race and I would completely do it again! We ran along the San Francisco Bay Trail in San Leandro and the views were beautiful even if it was gray.
For the 10k they had 4 aid stations and two of them had tons of snacks! Not just gu but pretzels, potato chips, and fruit. The mile markers were small but efficient and visible. Overall it was a flat course which what’s not to love about that??!!! There are a few cute little bridges you run over and I enjoyed it immensely. Plus you got this beauty!
The cherry on top was that I finished 4th in my age group with my 57 minute 10k!!! Hooraz! I felt like a champion and preceded to celebrate with brunch.

* Dinner Parties/Grown Up Get Togethers
The Saturday celebration continued with an amazingly delish cookout with friends. I kinda killed the hummus and chips….I’ve got issues. I managed to eat healthy at dinner – grilled chicken, squash, zucchini, salad, small serving of rice…god damn you capresi salad (fail). One medium glass of red wine (not bad). I couldn’t pass up blueberry tart and espresso with patron chocolate liquor…Sigh, deliciousness. I give up…Saturday despite the 6.2 miles you won!
* Sunday, how the hell do we get back on track!
I spent Sunday buying healthy ish at Whole Foods, doing laundry, and tidying my kitchen. There were some sit ups and push ups but no real workout (fail again!). I did feel like a grown except for where the bf suckered me into brunch again!! Nooo!!! But there was no booze (winning!!). I vowed Monday would be the day I would pull it all together.


* Monday mishaps!
Now, here we are back to Monday. I woke up and stayed true to myself and hit the lake for a nice 3.4 miler. I brought oatmeal into the office so I could just say No to Breakfast Burritos. PS This is a critical campaign and I hope you all fully sign on. I added spinach to my Evol fire grilled steak bowl for added nutritional value which is amazing. Anyways, the work stuff has been slow and not the best day…maybe because I feel asleep on the train and almost missed my stop. Or the whole blow drying the hair thing making me late. Eh, Mondays right?

So that’s almost everything you missed, Interwebbies. I will try and be more on it this week. I swear. I don’t want you all to be like this:
Hope you’re having a manageable Monday, peeps. Really I do. Until next time which will be sooner, I promise!


3 thoughts on “Dude, I’m back! Don’t trip it’s Monday

  1. Hey girl! I was wondering where you were all weekend. I hadn’t seen any posts…so I got a smidge concerned. That being said, I’m glad you had such a good time. Bust some hump this week so you can make that gain of 2.5 lbs. disappear! I’m rooting for you, hun! *hugs*

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