JUST BURIED UNDER WORK AND VACAY TO-DO’S – I MISS YOU….like Molly Ringwald misses the 80’s

I’m still here!!! I promise!!!

You know how before you go on vacay everything has to get amazingly crazy and your to-do list basically throws up on itself??? That’s pretty much where I am right now. Throwing back the coffee, yawning, doing a ton of work, getting distracted, working on vacay to do list, daydreaming….and REPEAT.

I made an emergency decision that I did not feel good in one of my swimsuits last night and hopped on BART into SF to basically scavenge through Macy’s Summer Swim section. That place is an effin’ mess. The season’s almost over so homegirls are not reorganizing by style or brand anymore. Shizz is just getting hung back up because they about to shut that section down and fill it with mother effing coats. I kid you not. Anyways, I did hit up ROXY but all their Summer Clearance was non-existant and they had their Fall swim line up and I just couldn’t spend $70 on a suit. Not gonna do it. Luckily, Macy’s came through and I found a cute mix-n-match number, black and white stripes on top, polka dots on the bottoms, and I’m winning $30.00 total. I know I’ll be living in my suits in Mexico, why lie, so I felt like I needed three.

I also swung by Sephora and handed over my credit card to pay for sigh….$30 face sunblock (spf 50) by Shiseido. It was a grip but as a wise & well aged beauty counter woman once told me “You’ll spend $40 on shoes which go on your feet and wear out. You’re not gonna spend $40 on your face which you will wear a lifetime?” WORD. Give me the quality sunblock. Plus whenever I have to wear face sunblock multiple days, I always develop some kind of reaction…itchiness or worse case scenario these tiny little bumps. It’s Mexico, I need to protect this old lady mug so I’m paying the dirty thirty. My chica with amazing skin swears by this and she’s a delicate little princess so if her face doesn’t break out that gives me confidence. I’ve already warned the boyfriend this is FACE sunblock not to be wasted on your body. Put the Neutragena on that!!!

My working out this past few months has had ups and downs. At the end of the day, I do feel like I look better than I did in January and I am most definitely stronger. Will I be looking like this on the beach?
Not quite but still pretty DAMN good. My tummy still has a little more work to do. However don’t get it twisted I love that my body can run and I can do way more lady push-ups and sit-ups than in a HELLA long time. Plus 2014 is still not over my friends and I plan to keep going ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m gonna try and squeeze in another post for my Interwebbies tomorrow!! Cannot miss the Humpty Hump!

Yes, I’m not sure if any vacay posts will happen but I will be back!!! Don’t forget about me!!!

Best to leave you with this.



7 thoughts on “JUST BURIED UNDER WORK AND VACAY TO-DO’S – I MISS YOU….like Molly Ringwald misses the 80’s

  1. girlfriend – try organic sunscreen. legit. if you can’t, then go with la roche posay sunstick spf 60. it has a low toxic grade from EWG. i cannot wear chemical sunscreen on my face otherwise my skin gives me the finger by swelling and getting red/irritated. i go organic or for serious sun, i use the sunstick.

    • Ok, so I did try the badger organic sunblock and Chica, it gave me white face. I mean sunblock is good for the wrinkles and most importantly cancer preventing! However I don’t want to have to grind something into my face so for those of us with a cinnamon like skin tone does this blend in or am I gonna look like MJ in the later years? Xox

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