Almost Paradise…your lady of leisure returns

Not gonna lie, my interwebbies, I did not want to come back from vacation. I will get you all some gorgeous photos up soon so you can be jealous and day dream about your own vacay adventures. Sigh, I miss having coffee and fresh pan delivered to my door at 7:30am every day. It’s a wonderful way to wake up. I got back late Thurs/early Friday. The boyfriend and I have lounged around and brunched attempting to acclimate back to life where there’s no ocean view, daily maid service, and beach front property. It’s been rough…thankfully we came back to a weekend and not the work week right? Tomorrow though…eek, it’s gonna be an ass kicker.

While in Zihuatanejo, I feel in LOVE with paddle boarding!!! It was hella hella fun and I was surprisingly pretty good at it. We also fished one day and I caught three tuna!! We boated over to another little beach and this restaurant cooked up our tuna and mahi mahi for us. It was beyond delicious! I drank some fabulous Mexican wines paired with a four course dinner we did one night at our hotel’s wine cellar. Ohhh!!! We saw giant sea turtles lay eggs and later one of the hotel’s turtle protection reserve released newly hatched baby sea turtles! That was EPIC!!!

I feel so relaxed and happy. In a way I haven’t felt in a very long time and that is why the Europeans have it right and everyone should get like 4-5 paid vacation weeks. Trust, we would be a more loving, relaxed, and kinder people. From the looks of everything that happened in Ferguson while I was away, I would say this nation seriously needs that. DAMN, the world is rough and I feel straight up blessed.

Alright, back to my lovely vacay vibe – all hippie ex-pat and what not. Our hotel had fresh squeezed juice every morning with breakfast which was perfect. Most days I got the spinach, apple, celery, pineapple but I also enjoyed the cactus leaf, pineapple, and cucumber or the apple, carrot, cactus leaf too. We ate pretty light due to the heat except for a few fabulous dinners. Lots of chips (homemade & fresh) with guacamole & pica de gallo as an afternoon snack but split amongst four people it wasn’t bad at all. Every day I swam in the ocean & pool just a little back and forth….you know lady of leisure style. The pools both had an ocean view which was great. Our beach suite had a little patio with a hammock plus a small plunge pool and you could walk right onto the sand….you really couldn’t beat it.

I read everyday! Just laying in the hammock enjoying my books – just the sound of waves crashing. We also had a thunderstorm one night which was breath taking. All and all a memorable trip.

Coming back…it makes me want to simplify my life and casita a little. Get rid of the clutter, get a little more serious about my finances, plan more trips, and keep focusing on my health. I enjoyed the long days and being active was so easy since I’ve been focusing on my health this year. I want to keep that up. Hopefully starting tomorrow off with a little run. I missed commenting but trust I squeezed in a little blog reading at the airport.

Hopefully the interwebs have not forgotten me. As I settled back into reality yesterday I decided a movie was in order. OOOOooh Foot Loose is on! I immediately flipped the channel and got excited. Little did I know my excitement was about to be crushed because it was the stupid remake! I’m sorry but it cannot be Foot Loose without Kevin Bacon! No 80’s dancing feet or classic 80’s ballads like “Almost Paradise” Seriously, cable tv I don’t know what you’re peddling but lounging Saturdays are made for the real Foot Loose. Sigh, that’s when I knew vacay was over. No Kevin Bacon for you, lbg. Just poorly made 2000s remakes.

Anyways, I’m going to pretend to be productive now in an attempt to help me go to work tomorrow (noooo!). I leave you all with this….you have your choice or a little romance or a little funny.




3 thoughts on “Almost Paradise…your lady of leisure returns

  1. Sounds like you had a great time on your vacation! I’m glad to hear that. Here’s to hoping your Monday hasn’t socked you like a ton of bricks (and also that you have an amazing first week back)!

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