Hey Tuesday, remember when MTV showed videos and no one lip synced

Dear Monday,
You can’t let me escape your wrath. That would be way to easy…wouldn’t it. In spite of all the crazy you through my way, I survived and am ready for Tuesday.

There was no fitness on Monday but Tuesday we’re getting back on track. That’s right. Me and you, Tuesday. We’re the new besties. Cristina to my Mere. Tequila to my lime. The cheese to my tortilla.

I still have that little vacation glow where I can pause to hear the ocean in my mind, letting the waves crash on my legs, and smell the beach air. In the moments of 5 million emails, too many appointments and not of enough coffee, I call upon the ocean and felt a little better. Still relaxed and that is why I love vacation.

Speaking of vacations and fun…the VMAs last night. Any other old ladies watch? That was so UNDER WHELMING!!! I’m glad I’m old. Just a few notes, it wasn’t that great. But here are my thoughts.
1. Ariana Grande, you are so cute! You remind me of Christina Aguillera 10 years ago before the Dirrty phase.
2. Taylor Swift, seriously you are tactless and now I kinda think a bad person. The whole snake comment was not very nice especially since it was just one of Nicki Minaj’s back-up dancers (bite by a snake and had to be rushed to hospital). I’m unaware of any beef that you may have with Nicki but let’s just keep it real you’re 5’7 and what 90 pounds dripping wet? Nicki will beat your ass….I was never into your whiny pop ex boyfriend flavor of the month music anyways but sheesh.
3. Damn Nicki….anaconda…you’re like if Lil’ Kim & Madonna had a baby. Not sure what to do with you but bringing the theatrics.
4. Miley Cyrus….the fake crying, sending up a homeless youth that for all I know you tried to buy drugs from earlier in the night…Jeez. You need to get rid of these yes people and have someone to check you, Miley. I don’t even know what to do with it. Thank god, Jimmy Fallon was up there to help that young man out.
5. Blue Ivy you are a cutie. Beyonce had the best performance but that’s not saying a whole lot.
6. Eating Peanut Butter Ice cream not knowing who half these young people are is half the fun of being an old lady watching the VMAs.

Alright my pretties, this old lady has to jet because I need to watch the Emmy’s…a show where I actually know who people are and black tie is not optional.



3 thoughts on “Hey Tuesday, remember when MTV showed videos and no one lip synced

  1. Hey girl!

    I didn’t watch the VMA’s, but it’s good to know I didn’t miss much. However, I did hear that Jim Parsons (from Big Bang Theory either got nominated or won an Emmy for his role as Sheldon Cooper! This’ll make it his 4th Emmy award! Hell yes, Jim! 😀

    …do you watch Big Bang Theory too??

  2. TRUE STORY! I didn’t even watch and I am over it. I never liked Mrs Swift.. So no loss there..As my future baby daddy Adam Levine said once “MTV Awards the one time MTV pretends they actually give a F’ about music”

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