Tuesday’s Blind Audition & I choose….I choose GWEN!!!

Dear Tuesday,
It’s not even 9:00am and you’ve already thrown me a curve ball. It’s cool…I’m not tripping. It’s just I really need to start going to bed like the old lady I am and running into the City after work is not conducive. You get? Not to mention I have to do the readings for my frosh bebes and grade their papers. A’s for everyone!!! I wish, sadly that would be frowned upon. I guess there will be no running tonight so just move it onto Wednesday.

Yes, Tuesday. I am a whore. But I have to make time for the besties and this includes running into the city like a mad woman.

In other news, my desk got half way cleaned yesterday. HOLLLLLAAA BEATCHES! The other half is staring me down and I still need to tackle this obstacle course of wires…Damn, IT. Who lives like this!!! Oh that’s right, you do.

My San Jose Rock N Roll Half is on Sunday!!! EEkss! Monday, I did some stretching and calisthenics for about 25 minutes just from a little pinterest workout I pinned. See, I do that stuff! Wednesday & Thursday, I’m hoping to get two three milers into my schedule. On Saturday I will probably do a little elliptical just to keep warm and ready. This is gonna be my slowest half of 2014 – TRAINING FAIL – But hey I’m still showing up. I’m gonna try and sign up for a Turkey trot and maybe a Halloween 5k once I get paid but until December they will all be 10ks or less. Hopefully Santa will bring me some new running kicks.


I’m getting addicted to the Voice this Fall. Pharrell and Gwen – I HEART YOU!!! Seriously, Pharrell is just so genuine, it’s nice to balance out Adam Levine’s chatchy-ness. I’m like simmer down, homeboy. Don’t get all sad because everyone loves Pharrell. I’ve never really watched The Voice but I couldn’t pass up this season. I also enjoy Blake Sheldon(?). He’s pretty damn funny. My sister informed me that he and his wife are basically the Bey & Jay of country music. So there you have it.

Also I woke up this morning with this song going on in my head. Why? So Random. There’s not really a video but here’s the song. Also my apologies, there’s a commercial. BLARGH.

Sorry one last Voice obsessive comment. I really CANNOT stand Carson Daily. Granted he seems to have grown up quite a bit from his radio host & TRL days but still the man screams fratty jerk face. I just want to go all Danny Castellano on him because he’s that guy. Carson Daily just seems like that dude that really should of gotten his ass beaten and never did and now he’s outta control.

I’ve started a little Tuesday Bruno Mars dance party in my oficina right now. Damn, this dancing reminds me that we all haven’t chatted about GREY’S!!!! Such a good return episode even though it looked like it was shot against a blue screen. Weird.

Let’s pound our coffee as Bruno sings that young girls will be the death of him. What about the old ladies, Bruno? I guarantee I will BRING YOU DOWN 😉 I kid, I kid.



Tracking my Coffee Intake and getting all Kung Fu on mi vida – I’m back!!!

I know I disappeared like that guy in College that skillfully employed the fade away and you didn’t even realize it until you wanted to rock your striped cardi. Anyone?? Maybe just me. I wish it was that simple, my interwebbies. In reality, last week straight kicked my booty. It was one of those weeks where my 8:30-5pm was just effing hard. I didn’t stay late but the minute I got home exhaustion set in and I crumpled into a million little pieces on my couch/bed/floor. We’ve all been there and now I’ve gathered my million little pieces of self and am attempting one of those every other month come backs. So hop along for the ride, k.

My desk at the office is the OG Hot Mess Express. It hurts to look at it. This is partially my own fault and ITs. Those beeatches set up all my new ish in a crazy fashion so everything is looking straight up jacked. I will work it out…that’s on today’s to-do list. Getting my desk to really not look so whack…sigh.

HAPPY NATIONAL COFFEE DAY!!! I love that it’s on a Monday. It just feels right. PS Whole Foods is giving away a free cup of joe today. Starbucks, those bastards, offered me nothing except the did bring back KIND bars! Hooraz! Those new bars from their own line were nasty.

The other news is a spent a small chuck of time this weekend considering getting a health device. I narrowed it down between the Fitbit Flex and the Garmin Vivofit. I’m leaning towards the Vivofit because you can sync it up with a heartrate monitor and that seems pretty damn cool. I’ve wanted a some sort of heart rate device for a while and this seems like it’s the best of both worlds. We will see….damn you Vivofit and your Biggest Loser advertising!!!!
I promise the few (and awesome) peeps that kick it this way that I am alive and will be so much better at blogging this week. Especially since I have my half on Sunday!!! I’m gonna be super slow but make it happen – HOLLA. This little turtle will conquer all!!!

It’s Monday, so let’s all put on the Big Girl panties and take some names. I plan on attacking this desk like Mr. Bruce Lee after I wrap up this post. Wishing you all a coffee filled Monday!!!

Sunday Run Day RANTS

This weekend was bad carby and a lazy-fest. I maintain I needed it…well except for the fight with my boyfriend that lead to a mini cookie binge. I digress, let’s get to the running rants and raves!

Boo yah!!!! 9 miles dunzo. This makes me feel a little less nervous about my upcoming half on October 5th. If I can hit 10 next weekend that would be ideal. I was really stressing since last weekend my long run was 6 miles. I felt fairly confident that I couldn’t run more due to the 80 degree heat and not wanting to dehydrate my ass that weekend. However there was that nagging feeling that maybe I was more untrained than I thought…. Whew. I needed the 9er and I made it happen. Hooraz!

Lets talk about the RANTS now shall we? As runners we all have little things that drive us cray to the mother ‘effing zee and here are a few of mine 😉

Soooo maybe there’s some psychological reason your kids need to sit side by side in your GIANT double wide stroller. I don’t know. I do know the single file doubles are a lot more considerate in a city setting. I’m not a suburb runner and where I run the trail at times is narrow so if instead of being on the trail, you and your double wide were on the sidewalk where there’s more room that would be awesome! Also you’re the wide load and you’re carrying children soooo it would make sense for you to slow your roll and help the people near you…ya know actually move around you??? I mean you’re running with precious cargo – help an lbg out!!! Also FYI you and your double wide don’t have the right of way because you’re running with a stroller. I hate to say it but 7 out of 10 stroller runners are rude. I mean I’m sorry if you’re a super conscious stroller runner and you’re hearing my rant. Who knows maybe its just because I’m a little Mexican and these people are taking their nanny/help rage out on me… This little brown girl should move outta my way!!!! I don’t know??? All I know is I hate the double wides.

2. Dogs that are off leash.

First, I’m pretty sure that at the Lake this is a no-no but people gots to misbehave. Don’t get it twisted, I will kick your off leash doggy if s/he’s too dumb to move out of my way. I’m not trying to curb stomp lassie. To be honest I’m usually trying to run around your small stupid animal companion. Also there’s HELLA runners at the lake so just leash up Fido. Seriously, it’s not that hard. I’m not even that fast!!! C’mon, peeps! Sigh, the battle is real.

3) You run past me cross in front of me and can barely stay half a step ahead of me????
Why??? Why not run next to me? We can be buddies- clearly you’re not fast enough to be in front of me without me kicking your ankles or me having to slow down. Biggest culprit of this – DUDES!

4)Alright this ones a RAVE so you don’t think I’m all angry and ish. I love when you’re running and you pass another runner (usually going in opposite directions) and you give each other the mutual runner smile. Kinda a hey I see you, appreciate you, and we’re in this together. That is the best, homies. The best!

That’s all I got for my running buddies this Sunday night. Fingers crossed Monday is our beattch!

On Fridays We Link Up & Eat Fall Fruits & Veggies to the Sound of Music

Oh my god…it’s finally Friday and I want to write nothing. I want to be home on my couch and today feels like the longest day ever. At 10am I was literally thinking about what to eat for dinner. I am that over today. Alright, enough with my crazy old lady ranting….let’s get to the good stuff.. It’s Friday, Beatches!
mean girls

Let’s link up with Amanda from Meet me at the Barre. She’s cute, fashionable, and just on top of her ish. Seriously, when can we grow up and just do all that….instead of kicking it at my slacker blog. No idea! FRIDAY FAVORITES TIME, BEATCHESSS!!!

1) Honey Crisp apples!
These bad boys are in season and super delish! I even got my office mate hooked on this little crispy piece of Fall. So drop that Starbucks muffin and chomp down on one of the crunchy sucks. Promise, you will not be disappointed like those nasty red delicious apples…puh lease…they suck.

2) Anchor Steam Beer
I drank three of these fine beers at the Giants game with my Dad. Seriously, I love some Anchor Steam. I want to do a tour since they brew out here in SF but those bastards only offer tours on weekdays. I’m still gonna make it happen though. Yum, Anchor Steam…w/ peanuts…and baseball – Fall at it’s finest

3)Spagetti Squash
Like I said, this B-I loves Fall!!! Spaghetti squash is such a la bomba noodle substitute. I make it w/ some italian sausage meatballs, zucchini slices, fresh dry farmed tomatoes. SOOOO GOOD. Tonight I tried a new recipe which is a modified Shrimp Scampi and I also did a little side dish of yellow squash, zucchini, and tomatoes cut into rounds placed in my little side cast iron dish and sprinkled with fresh parmesan. Holla!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


We’ve talked the favorites just like Ms. Julie Andrews and the Sound of Musica. Now it’s time to get focused like Jillian and share our ups and downs of the fit….ya, know what I’m saying.

We’ve got to link up with homegirl Aubrey for her Fitness Friday!

This week (Friday – Friday) looked a little something like this:
SATURDAY -6.02 miles (60 minutes)
SUNDAY – BL Weight Loss Yoga – 27 minutes
MONDAY – 3.28 Miles! Running (37 minutes)
TUESDAY- 3.29 Miles! Running, baby (31 minutes)
WEDNESDAY – BL Weight Loss Yoga – 27 minutes
FRIDAY- (probably relaxing 😉

That’s 176 minutes of exercise, go me!!! My scale was up but I’m in a healthy range….However the plot thickens. So my scale has a body fat percentage thing and for the first time in a long time it was in the 21% body fat. So who knows maybe I gained a little muscle recently. Last weekend, I was out and about so it wasn’t the healthiest. Can’t lie. Hopefully I can keep it in check this weekend and not go cray to the mother effing zee.

I am so ready to go home, change into cozy clothes, nap, cuddle, and be in bed by 11pm. Hooray for no plans weekend!! Today is just the longest Friday ever but I’m glad I pulled it together to throw this little hot mess of a post together for the Interwebbies.

Have a kick ass weekend, beatches!!! xoxo

Making out with Danny Castellano……or Tuesday…whatever works for you


Tonight all I have planned is the following:
1) Run…I slept in…DAMN
2) Wash clothes or towels at least one load must be completed. Our laundry pile is SCARY.

If I hadn’t of dranken ALL THE ALCOHOL this weekend…rest assured I’d be drinking.


I mean we have been waiting and waiting to see what happens with Danny & Mindy. They are too cute!!!


Also I can’t lie that I’m completely in LOVE with Danny Castellano. He’s super sexy and his character is HILARIOUS….just no words…except for let’s make out.




I love this show. I’m sorry for you if you don’t….I mean there are lots of other good comedic shows fronted by women of color (ummm, I wish). Anyways, Mindy seems awesome in real life too so I am a fangirl as clearly demonstrated by this stalker-ish post.

I mean Mindy interviewed Billy Crystal….heart it and yes, you should read it!

She’s also got a great NPR interview that yes, you should also listen to!!!

I leave you with this my lovely Interwebbies.


Let’s Go Monday! Clap, clap, clap clap clap!

Monday, beatches. I started off with a very slow yawn filled run. All that matters though is that bad boy is in the can.


This weekend was a movie I like to call “Adventures with Dad!” We hit up happy hour on the Waterfront in SF and the Exploratorium for an event. Sunday it was all about suite life at AT&T park where we watched the Dodgers beat our Giants. Don’t worry I drowned my sorrows in free beer and peanuts. I don’t even want to think about all the salty shelled delicious peanuts I consumed.

Today is all about filling my body with actual nutrient dense food. Crazy, I know right? I mean who knew beer and peanuts aren’t a food group 😉 It was a ton of fun and you have to let loose a little although the Friday margaritas could have been one fewer. Damn you tequila! Sigh, it’s like I need a little tequila running through my Mexican veins every Friday. Hashtag lil’ brown girl problemas.

I bought BL weight loss yoga with Bob Harper on xfinity demand. Dude! It kicked my ass and I had some serious sweat going on! It’s pretty instructional and I figured its a good morning alternative when I can’t run. I like that the background people are contestants. That’s pretty cool – holla real bodies, real people. I’d love to try that T25 I see a lot of peeps blogging about that ish. However at this time we are DVD player less so only bastardy Comcast buy videos for me.

This morning I have drop in advising and I’m praying no bebes show up so I can karate chop my inbox. Ya know just a little NPR and trying to reply to two weeks of crazy. It’s Week Four of the term and it’s yet to slow down. I’m hoping today is the day, Interwebbies.

With that it’s time to get that shizz show that usually is Monday on the road. Here’s hoping for a good one!!!

On Fridays We Link Up, get DIRRTTY, drank all the kale, and pop almonds!

FRIDAY, FRIDAY!!! This week has gone on far too long and now we just have to make it to the magic hour of 5pm. These first three weeks of school have flowed into one another with student appointment after student appointment. There’s no time to tidy my desk, finish my coffee, or even get through all the emails that are stuffed into my inbox. Poor little inbox.

Still it’s Friday and that’s something to celebrate. Let’s break out the bubbly and begin our weekend shenaningins with Amanda of Meet Me At the Barre and her FRIDAY FAVORITES!

I cannot get enough of PBS. I’m so excited for Downton Abbey to return this January. Woo Woo! I’m mid way through the Robin Williams tribute and so far – lbg approved. Last Tango at Halifax was wonderful!!! Anyways, watch some PBS. They have an app for your iPad and I promise you it will be worth it. Hashtag Nerd for life.

Green juice with kale is just part of my jam. When I drink this ish my body gets all happy. I feel like it’s saying thanks buddy, I feel refreshed. Get yourself (even just a small cup) and I promise you will be feeling fabulous just like Bey.

Loving this face cream!!!! Sentimental note, this was my Grandma’s face cream and she had a unopened jar when my Mom was going through her stuff so I said I’d take it. It’s silly but it makes me think of her as I use this. So who knows, I do think my skin looks great but maybe some of it is just Grandma Love.

I’ve been exhausted this week so I think this one is self explanatory.
Snacks for healthy people. Although I’m torn because almonds need a LOT of water to grow and we’re in a drought. DAMN. But I bought them at the farmers market so 100% of my funds went directly to the farmer….I dunno…eats some more almonds. Also ladies, almonds have calcium. Holla. Lord knows I need to preserve all my inches ( 5 feet nada) and osteoporosis shrinks a lady. Getting my calcium with these bad boys.

Ok, we’ve dished about our favorites. Let’s get to the dirty, like Christina Aguilera says, and talk about the fitness.

Aubrey from ALG Uninterrupted is here to bring us back to fit with her lovely link up.


This week was not ideal but a HELLUVA lot better than last week.
*WATER – I drank more water but still am not drinking enough H20. Hydration gotta keep improving.
*WORKOUTS (Friday – Friday) – I exceeded my goal of 140 minutes of exercise per week but did not work out for 20 min a day. Saturday, I did my 7 miles (70 min). Sunday, I hit up a bar method class (60 min). Monday, I ran another 3.3 miles (40 min). The rest of the week was rough. I worked from 8:30 – 7:30pm yesterday. I was also having lady time so that pretty much makes me want to be a slug. Tonight, I’m going out but I have plans for another long run on Saturday and some kind of working out on Sunday before seeing the SF Giants play.
*EATING LESS WHEAT – I’ve been doing pretty well at this one. I’m hoping next week will be even better and I feel like my veggies and fruit intake is looking good. Holla!
*WEIGHT – Down a little over 4 lbs. Woo Woo! I was in the top of my comfortable range last Friday so feeling better about this loss. Butttttt some of that was vacay and just lady time bloat. I know super sexy, right?

Alright, my interweb homies, I’ve got to make it through the rest of Friday and kick some ass. Lunch time Mexicana style is making me feel super sleepy though. Send your fav sleepy Mexican some good energy, will ya 😉