The Great Pumpkin Says Its Fall!!!

Helllooooo Fall!!!

Perhaps it’s still Summer for you, Interwebbies, but my students are all back so it’s officially Fall for me. I was reading Earl-Leigh Designs when she did a Fall Goals list and I thought seasonal goals! Damn, great idea!! After vacay, a rough first week, and a long weekend of slacking I need some effing direction. So sip your pumpkin spice latte and lets set some Fall Goooaalllllss!!!

FALL GOALS (September, October, November)

1. Drink Water…not booze. I’m still in vacay mode and it probably shouldn’t be a goal BUT I’m not drinking enough water. I need to be hitting at least 6 glasses and most days closer to 8. Water is life, beatches. This old lady will hydrate starting tomorrow!

2. Exercise 20 minutes a day or 140 minutes a week! Prioritizing my health and strength will make my life better. It’s just as important as work, spending time with friends, and is preventive care. That’s what I’m telling myself 😉 No, no I feel a million times better working out so that’s the Fall Goal!

3. Cut the Wheat! Breads, pastas, pizza… You know deliciousness. I need to give my tummy a rest and minimize these and add back in more veggies and fruit. Don’t get it twisted, I will still treat myself but it needs to be more treat and less on the regular. Now pass the spinach!

4. Pay down some credit cards! Yep, my financial health is important too so hopefully those numbers will be smaller in November.

Ok, Fall lets do this!!!


Just a toast to me, you, and Fall.



6 thoughts on “The Great Pumpkin Says Its Fall!!!

  1. you can totally do all of that. the past few weeks i’ve actually had zero wheat/bread products and didn’t even realize it …then i discovered my whole wheat pancake recipe and that went out the door but it’s actually a light recipe so doesn’t even feel like i’ve been eating carbs 😀

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