There was a life with Prince, no auto save, and Texan football only on the big screen i.e. LATE HUMPTY ADVENTURES

Yep, the second week of classes is just as busy and I’m a bad blogger. Trust, peeps – I have been thinking of you and this tiny corner of the interwebs. Since I cannot get off Kathy’s jock, we still have to do the Humpty Dance! Even it’s the late as brown girl Humpty Dance but hey I still made it to the Hump Day After Party.

Vodka and Soda

Alright, let’s get to confessing….

Dude, avocado is making eating healthy possible during the hell that is the first few weeks of school. My office is like a revolving door of froshy appointments. They’re all big eyed with ridiculous schedules and my job is just to give them the blue print to some academic success and sometimes just let them learn the hard way. Yep, you can get my big fat I told ya so when your Fall grades post kiddies. That’s the way advising goes…and yes, I just in fact sang that to the tune of Janet Jackson’s “That’s the way love goes”….woo…that’s the way advising goes….Anyways, love ya Avocado and apparently Janet as well.

Not gonna lie, I watched two episodes the other day and it’s just straight up fascinating. I feel like I couldn’t turn my eyes away. I mean HOW??WHY??? Also I was really concerned about these courting daughters getting married because I thought they were like 15 & 18 and my bad! Those girlies are like 22 & 20 or something. Still young but man…live a little life. Also the fact they can only side hug with a dude until they are engaged and at engagement they are now permitted to hold hands…BIZARRE! Of course my boyfriend caught me watching to which he simply replied “You watch some weird shit” while shaking his head. It was a car wreck, I simply could not turn away….I have no words…its like some little house on the prairie in modern times but time warped ish…

Sorry, this wasn’t meant to be my deepest TV confessions but it’s so turning out this way. What can I say my frosh bebes steal all my energy and I use the rest to make dinner and promptly fall down on the couch. The History Channel did a very interesting biography on Harry Houdini starring Adrian Brody. I learned quite a bit and Harry’s life took some unexpected turns. It’s a two part mini-series and I highly recommend it. Also it’s a great little expo on the time period roughly 1880s – late 1920s. Oh FYI, this is an adult program as it story tells all of Harry’s life and struggles and of course poor choices. LBG APPROVED!

Someone did a blog post on their former high school self in my BLOGLOVIN and they graduated in 2007! Goddamn! That made me feel old. I graduated high school in 1999, beaches!!! Sorry now you have to hear this Prince song because TONIGHT, WE’RE GONNA PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999!
Or not, because apparently I cannot find Prince singing this jam anywhere on the web…sad face. I am an old old lady, I saw Varsity Blues in the movie theater (I don’t want your life), No Doubt when they opened for Weezer (or maybe it was the other way around), I still rock a black puffy jacket like Ashanti when it’s really cold…Oh yeah and my first year in college, I enrolled for classes via the phone. And by phone I mean landline. Yes, the internet was new for my generation and we did not trust computers, there was no auto save, and you could almost always count on your computer crashing as you went to press print. This is clearly no longer the case as my frosh have an UNDYING TRUST & FAITH in the internet & the computer. It breaks their hearts when I have to tell them that whatever they submitted did not go through and I ask “Did you double check it or print your confirmation page?” and BLANK STARES…BUT I DID IT ON THE COMPUTER! Sorry, the old lady says don’t  trust the computer.

Also can someone please try the new bare minerals – bare skin foundation!!! By someone I would normally mean Amanda (Meet me at the Barre) but she already did a really great review of bare minerals and tarte so damn! Interwebbies, let me know.

Alright, freshman are crowding in the halls. I should go but I miss your sexy asses and hilarious posts so I promise to be back soon!



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