Coffee, lounging around, and being a warrior princess

This lbg laced up her running shoes with a fierce determination to make some miles happen. Also there was some serious fear of the looming 13.1 for the San Jose Rock-N-Roll race on October 5th.
sat run

I also have a 4:15 bar method class for today which I am purposefully blogging about so that I get my booty up and attend. Making the fitness happen, beatches! Woo woo! I hope you all are invoking your weekend warrior princesses…yes, I mean ….

XENA! Warrior Princess. Yep, went there.

Now I’d like to take a moment to talk about the dark side of running. Deep breathe. Running is hard on the tootsies and I can with all honesty say that running has made my feet uglier than they already are. I mean let’s just be honest no one really has good looking feet. Feet are just an unsexy part of the human form. To further worsen the situation we add running (of course). This is at least my rationalization for pedicures. I need someone to really scrub my feet and just make them look suedo human again. It’s 20 -30 bucks or so that I need to incorporate into the budget every month and a half or so. Oh yeah, I make those pedis stretch. I usually try and bring in my own polish so I can do my own touch ups and what have you. Damn, you running!! Not gonna lie though completing those 7 miles mad me feel sooo epically good. Hooray for resuscitating the long run.

I’d like to get in three short runs during the week and maybe another comcast yoga workout and a bar method class. We’ll see how it shapes up. Just trying to make each week in September have a little bit more fit and healthy eating than the last.

Speaking of eating healthy, Friday was a big fat FAIL and Saturday was kinda normal weekend good/bad combo. The boy made spaghetti and garlic bread which is just something I cannot turn down. I am so weak!!! Damn my Mexican culture for equating food with love!!! However I should have said no, sir. I do not need that carby deliciousness. After really not eating any wheat during the week that bread and pasta did a number on me. I felt like I was carrying a food baby around all night…blargh….revenge of the heavy ass dinner. I need to buy/ find a good deal on one of the zucchini noodle making devices. Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome, Interwebbies.

There’s just something magically about laying around in your sweats and drinking coffee leisurely on a Sunday. It makes waking up by 9am so worth it. My boyfriend woke up at 6:30 since he was full of a child like joy due to the start of Football season. He will be camped out on the couch every Sunday from now until Superbowl. Hash tag football widow.

I think I need to try and get a November race scheduled so I have something to keep working towards post half. Time to get on the Active site and do some searching.

Alright chicas, enjoy the rest of your weekend!
coffee slacker


6 thoughts on “Coffee, lounging around, and being a warrior princess

  1. Hey there!

    Spaghetti is one of my weaknesses, too…well, pasta in general. (Family called me the “pasta monster” for a time, growing up, because of it.)

    Sadly, I have no real plans for today. Got work for another 6.5 hours (started a half-hour ago). I’m just glad I got to hang with a couple of besties this morning; it’s my friend B.’s birthday today. I hate that I had to ditch to go work though. Adult responsibilities strike again! 😦

    The plus side, though, is that while I’m at work, I’ll get to do some crafty things for some coworkers of mine. [If you read yesterday’s blog post, you’ll see what I mean.]

    Anyhow, enjoy your football Sunday! Take care! ❤

  2. here’s what you need that’s cheap and keeps your feet in tip top shape: a foot file and good foot cream. file your foot after the shower and then spend some time moisturizing your feet; as in rub the cream into the skin for about 2mins so that the skin fully absorbs the cream 🙂

    • Kathy, you’re like the dirty sailor version of Martha Stewart. I have no idea how you have tips for every single crazy thing! You should have an Ask Kathy blog like once a month so we can send you crazy random questions and you respond with advice and mockery. Maybe even with a demo. Keep on trucking’, Chica

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