Let’s Go Monday! Clap, clap, clap clap clap!

Monday, beatches. I started off with a very slow yawn filled run. All that matters though is that bad boy is in the can.


This weekend was a movie I like to call “Adventures with Dad!” We hit up happy hour on the Waterfront in SF and the Exploratorium for an event. Sunday it was all about suite life at AT&T park where we watched the Dodgers beat our Giants. Don’t worry I drowned my sorrows in free beer and peanuts. I don’t even want to think about all the salty shelled delicious peanuts I consumed.

Today is all about filling my body with actual nutrient dense food. Crazy, I know right? I mean who knew beer and peanuts aren’t a food group 😉 It was a ton of fun and you have to let loose a little although the Friday margaritas could have been one fewer. Damn you tequila! Sigh, it’s like I need a little tequila running through my Mexican veins every Friday. Hashtag lil’ brown girl problemas.

I bought BL weight loss yoga with Bob Harper on xfinity demand. Dude! It kicked my ass and I had some serious sweat going on! It’s pretty instructional and I figured its a good morning alternative when I can’t run. I like that the background people are contestants. That’s pretty cool – holla real bodies, real people. I’d love to try that T25 I see a lot of peeps blogging about that ish. However at this time we are DVD player less so only bastardy Comcast buy videos for me.

This morning I have drop in advising and I’m praying no bebes show up so I can karate chop my inbox. Ya know just a little NPR and trying to reply to two weeks of crazy. It’s Week Four of the term and it’s yet to slow down. I’m hoping today is the day, Interwebbies.

With that it’s time to get that shizz show that usually is Monday on the road. Here’s hoping for a good one!!!


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