On Fridays We Link Up & Eat Fall Fruits & Veggies to the Sound of Music

Oh my god…it’s finally Friday and I want to write nothing. I want to be home on my couch and today feels like the longest day ever. At 10am I was literally thinking about what to eat for dinner. I am that over today. Alright, enough with my crazy old lady ranting….let’s get to the good stuff.. It’s Friday, Beatches!
mean girls

Let’s link up with Amanda from Meet me at the Barre. She’s cute, fashionable, and just on top of her ish. Seriously, when can we grow up and just do all that….instead of kicking it at my slacker blog. No idea! FRIDAY FAVORITES TIME, BEATCHESSS!!!

1) Honey Crisp apples!
These bad boys are in season and super delish! I even got my office mate hooked on this little crispy piece of Fall. So drop that Starbucks muffin and chomp down on one of the crunchy sucks. Promise, you will not be disappointed like those nasty red delicious apples…puh lease…they suck.

2) Anchor Steam Beer
I drank three of these fine beers at the Giants game with my Dad. Seriously, I love some Anchor Steam. I want to do a tour since they brew out here in SF but those bastards only offer tours on weekdays. I’m still gonna make it happen though. Yum, Anchor Steam…w/ peanuts…and baseball – Fall at it’s finest

3)Spagetti Squash
Like I said, this B-I loves Fall!!! Spaghetti squash is such a la bomba noodle substitute. I make it w/ some italian sausage meatballs, zucchini slices, fresh dry farmed tomatoes. SOOOO GOOD. Tonight I tried a new recipe which is a modified Shrimp Scampi and I also did a little side dish of yellow squash, zucchini, and tomatoes cut into rounds placed in my little side cast iron dish and sprinkled with fresh parmesan. Holla!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


We’ve talked the favorites just like Ms. Julie Andrews and the Sound of Musica. Now it’s time to get focused like Jillian and share our ups and downs of the fit….ya, know what I’m saying.

We’ve got to link up with homegirl Aubrey for her Fitness Friday!

This week (Friday – Friday) looked a little something like this:
SATURDAY -6.02 miles (60 minutes)
SUNDAY – BL Weight Loss Yoga – 27 minutes
MONDAY – 3.28 Miles! Running (37 minutes)
TUESDAY- 3.29 Miles! Running, baby (31 minutes)
WEDNESDAY – BL Weight Loss Yoga – 27 minutes
FRIDAY- (probably relaxing 😉

That’s 176 minutes of exercise, go me!!! My scale was up but I’m in a healthy range….However the plot thickens. So my scale has a body fat percentage thing and for the first time in a long time it was in the 21% body fat. So who knows maybe I gained a little muscle recently. Last weekend, I was out and about so it wasn’t the healthiest. Can’t lie. Hopefully I can keep it in check this weekend and not go cray to the mother effing zee.

I am so ready to go home, change into cozy clothes, nap, cuddle, and be in bed by 11pm. Hooray for no plans weekend!! Today is just the longest Friday ever but I’m glad I pulled it together to throw this little hot mess of a post together for the Interwebbies.

Have a kick ass weekend, beatches!!! xoxo


5 thoughts on “On Fridays We Link Up & Eat Fall Fruits & Veggies to the Sound of Music

  1. hells yeah for exercise! norwalk screwed up my entire week last week so no workouts for me (boo, you whore!) but i’m starting it out right by doing a 1hr yoga sesh today followed by a revamped kickass workout routine for the rest of the month!!

  2. I swear that Honey Crisp lovers are all part of a cult. We try to convince other people it’s the best apple they have ever eaten if they don’t know what they are. I stalk the farmer’s market dude as soon as September hits. You are clearly a West Coast member of this cult 🙂

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