Sunday Run Day RANTS

This weekend was bad carby and a lazy-fest. I maintain I needed it…well except for the fight with my boyfriend that lead to a mini cookie binge. I digress, let’s get to the running rants and raves!

Boo yah!!!! 9 miles dunzo. This makes me feel a little less nervous about my upcoming half on October 5th. If I can hit 10 next weekend that would be ideal. I was really stressing since last weekend my long run was 6 miles. I felt fairly confident that I couldn’t run more due to the 80 degree heat and not wanting to dehydrate my ass that weekend. However there was that nagging feeling that maybe I was more untrained than I thought…. Whew. I needed the 9er and I made it happen. Hooraz!

Lets talk about the RANTS now shall we? As runners we all have little things that drive us cray to the mother ‘effing zee and here are a few of mine 😉

Soooo maybe there’s some psychological reason your kids need to sit side by side in your GIANT double wide stroller. I don’t know. I do know the single file doubles are a lot more considerate in a city setting. I’m not a suburb runner and where I run the trail at times is narrow so if instead of being on the trail, you and your double wide were on the sidewalk where there’s more room that would be awesome! Also you’re the wide load and you’re carrying children soooo it would make sense for you to slow your roll and help the people near you…ya know actually move around you??? I mean you’re running with precious cargo – help an lbg out!!! Also FYI you and your double wide don’t have the right of way because you’re running with a stroller. I hate to say it but 7 out of 10 stroller runners are rude. I mean I’m sorry if you’re a super conscious stroller runner and you’re hearing my rant. Who knows maybe its just because I’m a little Mexican and these people are taking their nanny/help rage out on me… This little brown girl should move outta my way!!!! I don’t know??? All I know is I hate the double wides.

2. Dogs that are off leash.

First, I’m pretty sure that at the Lake this is a no-no but people gots to misbehave. Don’t get it twisted, I will kick your off leash doggy if s/he’s too dumb to move out of my way. I’m not trying to curb stomp lassie. To be honest I’m usually trying to run around your small stupid animal companion. Also there’s HELLA runners at the lake so just leash up Fido. Seriously, it’s not that hard. I’m not even that fast!!! C’mon, peeps! Sigh, the battle is real.

3) You run past me cross in front of me and can barely stay half a step ahead of me????
Why??? Why not run next to me? We can be buddies- clearly you’re not fast enough to be in front of me without me kicking your ankles or me having to slow down. Biggest culprit of this – DUDES!

4)Alright this ones a RAVE so you don’t think I’m all angry and ish. I love when you’re running and you pass another runner (usually going in opposite directions) and you give each other the mutual runner smile. Kinda a hey I see you, appreciate you, and we’re in this together. That is the best, homies. The best!

That’s all I got for my running buddies this Sunday night. Fingers crossed Monday is our beattch!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Run Day RANTS

  1. I’m not a runner, either, but I feel you. If I’m at a good speed during my walk, and you’re in my way, effing MOVE YOUR @$$!! No joke.

    *ahem*…that being said, I’m there for you, chica. 😉
    Much love! Enjoy your Monday! ❤

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