Tracking my Coffee Intake and getting all Kung Fu on mi vida – I’m back!!!

I know I disappeared like that guy in College that skillfully employed the fade away and you didn’t even realize it until you wanted to rock your striped cardi. Anyone?? Maybe just me. I wish it was that simple, my interwebbies. In reality, last week straight kicked my booty. It was one of those weeks where my 8:30-5pm was just effing hard. I didn’t stay late but the minute I got home exhaustion set in and I crumpled into a million little pieces on my couch/bed/floor. We’ve all been there and now I’ve gathered my million little pieces of self and am attempting one of those every other month come backs. So hop along for the ride, k.

My desk at the office is the OG Hot Mess Express. It hurts to look at it. This is partially my own fault and ITs. Those beeatches set up all my new ish in a crazy fashion so everything is looking straight up jacked. I will work it out…that’s on today’s to-do list. Getting my desk to really not look so whack…sigh.

HAPPY NATIONAL COFFEE DAY!!! I love that it’s on a Monday. It just feels right. PS Whole Foods is giving away a free cup of joe today. Starbucks, those bastards, offered me nothing except the did bring back KIND bars! Hooraz! Those new bars from their own line were nasty.

The other news is a spent a small chuck of time this weekend considering getting a health device. I narrowed it down between the Fitbit Flex and the Garmin Vivofit. I’m leaning towards the Vivofit because you can sync it up with a heartrate monitor and that seems pretty damn cool. I’ve wanted a some sort of heart rate device for a while and this seems like it’s the best of both worlds. We will see….damn you Vivofit and your Biggest Loser advertising!!!!
I promise the few (and awesome) peeps that kick it this way that I am alive and will be so much better at blogging this week. Especially since I have my half on Sunday!!! I’m gonna be super slow but make it happen – HOLLA. This little turtle will conquer all!!!

It’s Monday, so let’s all put on the Big Girl panties and take some names. I plan on attacking this desk like Mr. Bruce Lee after I wrap up this post. Wishing you all a coffee filled Monday!!!

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