Reality Bites…..sometimes you just have to keep it real

It seems like I’m only posting on Mondays. That needs to change and I think it will once the cray cray of October ends. All the bebes show up needing advising for Spring enrollments and the oficina overflows with students.

It’s chilly this morning, I’ve got my cup of joe, and was doing some wandering on the internets. My life is slowing down quite a bit and for the first time in a long time I’ve felt like I can breathe and take a look around. My beautiful Grandma’s health started heading down hill in January 2014, all the while my office was short staffed and forced into creating brand new programming, I started spending every other weekend with my Mom & Grandma, and over the next nine months I spent time in the hospital when her health required that until she passed away peacefully in June. I was exhausted after her passing and finished Summer Orientation programming with a small amount of sanity and the expected heartache. I wasn’t sleeping so quickly I turned to running at 4:45am and thinking and praying to my little beloved Grandma. We’re all on the mend but with holidays approaching and lawyer meetings it’s still understandably hardest on my Mom. This Fall teaching my freshman seminar has been a great relief and I feel like it’s brought me back to life. Given me passion again for students, education, and advising.

I’m looking around and realizing I’ll be thirty-four in March and thirty-three was lost to overworking, caring for family, and keeping my sanity only through barre and running. That said I’m fully willing to admit it was not that much sanity left. I don’t want to be overdramatic and say I’m chilling in the ruins of my life. I do feel though that everything I wanted to build this year was just left untouched, like I ran out of money for the contractor and there’s just this frame of a casita on the property.

I feel as though I’m at a professional crossroads. I’m feeling pressure to make more money, take care of bills, so that we can do more traveling in the future. Not to mention, that little dream of having a bebe one day (soonish) and being able to afford said bebe. Granted when I say make more money it’s still just more pennies since I don’t think I want to leave higher education. Not yet anyways. I applied for a mentor program through my University to enhance my network and teaching the course this year will also help my resume…well that’s the hope at least.

I also need to get a handle on the credit cards and my student debt. At this point, I feel like I may need to put my money where my mouth is and just meet with a financial planner. This morning was spent looking at different things on the web and seeing if I could find someone with good reviews in my area. I may still wait until after the holidays for this one but at least I’m doing my research.

Lastly, I need to go to the dentist. I hate the Dentist and this has fallen off and I need to go in as soon as I can. I will probably need to throw down some money in that area because I’ve neglected my poor mouth for the last year and I let life get in the way. No one to blame but myself and the fact that I hate the Dentist. The Doctor’s office and I’m fine….the Dentist is just not my thing. I’m calling in at 8am and just gonna make it happen.

Just sharing my reality check with you all this morning. Trust, it’s much easier to write about brunch, crazy students, and my Fall tv addiction but sometimes you just need to keep it real. I’m sure this plays a small part in why I’ve been M.I.A. from writing over on my tiny corner of the interwebs. Don’t worry, I’ve still been reading all your hilarious bloggies. It keeps me sane and makes me smile. The Internets is an awesome place.

How about you interwebbies? How do you handle life changes? Have you changed your career, grown your career, or just any advice there?

Once again, thanks for kicking it homies.


7 thoughts on “Reality Bites…..sometimes you just have to keep it real

  1. life can definitely get overwhelming! when that used to happen to me, i used to take a step back and figure out what things i can cross off fastest and get those out of the way; “quick hits” is what i call them.

    dentist is one of them. girl, don’t even come at me with any dental anything but it’s one of those necessary evils; put that shit off and it’ll cost triple in the future because dentists are just robbers with masks. so make the appt, bear with them for the 45mins and you never have to see them for another 6mos.

    as for your career, i think everyone has been at that point. i just found what i liked to do and excelled the shit out of it so i can be the best and being the best enables you to command a competitive salary. so work your industry to the best of your ability and the cash money will make its way to you 🙂

  2. I can’t help but want to reframe it….33 wasn’t lost…33 made memories with your Mom and Abuela that are priceless. Being the general contractor of your own universe, you built an addition to your casita that you realized was just as important as the rest of your property. Like the saying goes ‘Life is what happens when you’re making plans’. If you really take a look, I bet there was a bunch of other stuff you did that was awesome that doesn’t come to mind at the moment. Looking back, it’s those times when I was/am at a crossroads with work and life that I think “Dang, I wouldn’t have taken that detour had it not been for _____”. 🙂

  3. Life does seem to throw us curveballs, doesn’t it? All you gotta do is try to roll with it. It’s been almost 6 years since I lost my grandma, and almost a year since I lost grandpa. I’m still working with it…(and if you read my post-vacation blog, you’ll know that the beginning of this month was super-tough). 😦

    Anyhow, I wish you luck and positive thoughts as you get ready to face the dentist later this week. Take care! ❤

  4. ahh the thirties!! this is the best/worst time of your life, but the most important thing is you get to learn about who you are and where you are going! Taking care of family, realizing you need to pay your debt off, thinking about your long-term future! All amazing things that at the time seem overwhelming, but one day will be looked back on as opportunities! Life is all about lessons, and when you approach it as such it takes some of the sting out of the bad times! You got this!

    • Thanks so much for this response. I always find your blog honest and inspiring!! That’s a great outlook to have and I’m gonna try and be more positive and less AGHHHHH!!!! However my natural state is AGHHHH or damn, I need a drink. XOX

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