Let’s take a moment to review my Fall Goals and see where the chips landed. In true old lady style, I’m sitting here drinking some tea under a cozy afghan on my couch ready to reflect, review, and write it all up.

FALL GOALS (September, October, November)

1. Drink Water…not booze.
I’ve really brought sexy back with this one aside from a few rampant troublesome nights. My water consumption has gone up and thankfully the chilly weather has brought be back to peppermint tea. I’m still gonna keep this on the Winter Goals list since the holidays are racked with boozy temptation which leads to gatorade to coffee and rinse, spin, repeat.

2. Exercise 20 minutes a day or 140 minutes a week! Prioritizing my health and strength will make my life better.
FAIL! September wasn’t so bad, the rest of the time included walking and not much else. My Garmin Vivofit kept me on track with steps per day thankfully. I’m gonna lose the time requirement and go for three days a week with a weekly fitness blog check in for accountability.

3. Cut the Wheat! Breads, pastas, pizza… You know deliciousness.
WINNING! I dominated at this one aside from the past few Thanksgiving events and a handful of times during Fall. I’m gonna retire this bad boy for Winter.

4. Pay down some credit cards!
Smaller but not by nearly enough. Unfortunately, love is in the air, and my mailbox is jam packed with save the dates. I’m digging that everyone is getting married but the amount of travel that’s involved means these bad boys are gonna go down slower than anticipated. In accordance with the intent of this goal I’m gonna say all weddings must be CASH ONLY affairs ie nothing goes on the cards.

Damn, where did Fall go??? I’m still tripping that I had to write that update so let’s move onto Winter Wonderland and take a moment to focus on where this lbg wants to be in March.




1. Stay alive and not get caught up in the mass consumerism and comparison of the holidays.
Don’t get it twisted, I love the holidays. Baileys in my coffee and extra time kicking it with my adorable mama. However the extreme planning, running around, and requirement to out gift one another is just too much. It’s easy to get caught up, overspend, and start comparing your awesome life to other people’s lives that just seem more awesome/organized/grown-up/successful/rich (pick one) and get a case of the holiday blues. I’m gonna take a little vow right now to NOT get caught up with the holiday craze. I will be grateful, live within my means, just say yes to what I can, and most importantly NOT FEEL BAD.

It’s time to get my books out and stop hibernating in front of the television. I’m setting a goal of reading at least three books for Winter to improve my mind and send my soul a little love. There’s something magical about reading and it fills you up with some kind of spiritual energy that we all need. Ok, call me a hippie and move on. I may or may not post about my reading because my writing pales in comparison to all the lovely book reviewing and author interviewing they do on NPR.

3. Working out (other than walking) at least three times a week.
In order to put my shizz on blast, I will also blog about said workouts at least once a week. Yep, Interwebbies, you are my own personal Jillian Michaels. I thank you in advance.

4.Drink Water not booze.
As mentioned above, we’re keeping this one on our radar since holidays equal drunken shenanigans leading to Advil, gatorade, and cafecita in overdrive.

5.Take at least one Winter adventure.
Just something out of the ordinary to create memories, appreciate life, and enjoy getting out in the world.

6.Keep paying down the credit cards even if it’s only a tiny bit during the Winter season.


I feel like my Winter Goals are reasonable, on point, and setting this lbg in the right direction. You can’t ask for much more than that. Alright, kiddies, I need to get off the couch and try to shake my post-Turkey slackerness. Not gonna lie, slacking with you is absolutely the best.



Running Away From Turkeys

Deadlines, deadlines, and more deadlines. It’s one of those weeks where my desk is just covered in papers so I pretty much feel this:

It’s a juggling act of what gets done and what doesn’t right now and HOW THE HELL IS IT ALREADY THANKSGIVING!!! I mean really the time is flying by me….just completely whizzing by. My sweet booty will be flying to LA on Wednesday and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny fun Turkey Day. But DAMN how is it here already????

We had some torrential rain last night in the Bay. Hooraz because we hella need it. Can you say drought? However upon leaving Whole Foods and seeing said torrential rain, your mind does not go hooraz instead it swears. You manage just to shake it off (not like Taylor Swift) and make your way home in the rain. Oh yes, I was walking. I’ve really missed seeing, feeling, and smelling rain so it was truly epic in that sense. Not so much the part where I was dripping wet in the kitchen as I pulled off soaked boots and socks but the boy and I had a nice little laugh and wet beso.

I’m staring at my messy desk and hoping my appointments are fully booked so I can squeeze in some quality organization time. Holla.



With all this cold and dreary weather plus the time change, I’m feeling so couch potatoey. I need to cut back on the television and incorporate some good books. Perhaps sometime today will be devoted to ordering some lovely reads on Amazon to get me through the winter. Also post Thanksgiving, I will be bringing back Monday night & Thursday night runs. These days were picked because of football. I should get my booty up and running so I will be scrounging for a cheap bright running jacket. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

I’m gonna do an LA Turkey Trot 5k to bring my running back and plus mashed potatoes. It’s always good to get some fit in on T-day if you’re not chained to the kitchenette.

Alright, kiddies, I promise a longer post this weekend. Just wanted to check and holla at you. I leave you with this little jam for the weekend.

Make your own weekend wonderland.



BAM, Spring Admit Orientation is in the can! I was able to hit up a little happy hour with my co-workers (hello Jack & Ginger, my love), home by 6:30pm, and able to pass out like the old lady that I am on my couch. Did I mention that I also slept in until 9:30am? HEAVEN!
The bad news was that as a result of orientation, I lost my god damn mind and pretty much went a little crazy on the happy hour appetizers. At least this old lady came home and drank like 30 ounces of water. However I’m drinking my own healthy little brunch and coffee so hoping back on track.

I’m looking forward to my sister coming over tonight and she’s training for a 5k in January so we’re gonna do a little walking tomorrow (HOORAZ!). I think we’re gonna cook & watch movies and just have some sister time.

I have some SERIOUS casita chores to accomplish. I should be more motivated but instead I’m catching up on Mindy Project and blogging. HEAVEN AGAIN!!! Rhea Pearlman as Danny’s mom is sheer awesomeness, I have no words. Just laughter.


What called to me on the Interwebs this week:

Another balanced bites podcast! Holla my morning podcast addiction continues!

Delicata Squash recipe – hellloooo yummers!

Considering this race!

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

Rolling with the homies and the catch up post

My posting has been sporadic and I apologize, Interwebbies.

Let’s just do some listing so we’re all caught up and my next post can be evil and hilarious.

– 21 Day Sugar Detox is dunzo! I’m hella glad that I forced myself to do this little program. I’m happily cooking again, bringing my lunch, and a nice little bonus was I lost three pounds. Ok, only 2.5 but it’s funnier when I say three.
mean girls

– I love teaching my freshman seminar but trying to do my regular job and that is finally kicking me in the face. HOW?? Sigh, I feel like I am chronically behind and having the Veteran’s day holiday off on Tuesday just effed with me. My body was like NO! Why are we going back to work???


– Thank you Veterans for your service.

– I went to a Proaction Athletics bootcamp class and I felt like I was being coached my Jillian Michaels. Forty-five minutes into the class I thought I may puke. Thankfully I did not but DAMN! It was a good workout but more cardio based than I hoped for so I probably will just use my other pass but not sign up as a member. However if you have some serious weight to lose this would be the class for you. I just want to keep working on my body composition…ya know since I lost those three pounds 😉

– I have another meeting next week with a colleague to discuss her job and her previous position with the Academic Senate. I’m pretty pleased with myself in terms of keeping my career development on the forefront.

– Do you ever feel like you’re kinda drifting away from friends but it’s not personal. You just want something different for your life and their lives are on a different track. Maybe you just feel like they understand you less but you still love them. You’re trying to create a certain life or achieve certain goals and they are kinda less of a priority?? I dunno. Let me know your thoughts on this one, Interwebbies.


– The boyfriend is gone until Monday working his brains out on a project. I am enjoying making the bed everyday WAY TOO MUCH. I get up first and he’s usually just getting up when I’m leaving and that jerk face love of my life never makes the bed. It’s the little things but I do really miss waking up to his sweet face.

– So far we have three confirmed weddings this year. My NJ bestie, the boy’s Oakland bestie, my homegirl from SF, and possibly the boy’s bestie in Budapest. Yes, I said Budapest. He’s been living and working there for 2 years and just got engaged. This is where it get’s tricky. NJ bestie is getting married on a Thursday in Waikiki during of course the one week of the year my boy can’t go. IT HELLA SUCKS. On top of that his Oakland bestie is getting married the following Saturday. So pretty much I’m just doing a quick Aloha to get back for Oakland bestie’s wedding. Thankfully my SF homegirl is getting married near SF in Feb so no problemas there. Now my boy’s Budapest bestie just got engaged in Rome last weekend and there’s a possibility they may tie the knot on July 4th. I really want to go and I have to go to Hawaii for my girl. I’m thinking I may only do four days in Hawaii to help spend less to save for Budapest. The other thing is I am determined to NOT put any more debt on my credit cards. So even if it means paying them down a little less, I will not accrue more debt. The Interwebs as my witness.

Alright, I need coffee and you need to stop slacking on the Internet 😉


The One Where I Get All Pretty Woman…

You Take Care Of You
Sometimes you take a step back in your life and try to see how all the little pieces are working or aren’t working. You try to figure out where your priorities lie and if you’ve truly been prioritizing them…or not. My posting has been irregular as I try to keep up with my job and prioritize my health, sleep, and body.

This week I haven’t been as diligent with my 21 day sugar detox yet I’ve felt a difference and am grateful for the little reset. My eating overall has improved and I’ve been getting much more rest. Earlier old lady bedtimes with early morning rises that are quiet as I cook breakfast, drink coffee, and listen to podcasts. It’a a relaxing way to start my day and it feels like it brings me a little extra peace or zen, all that Dalai Lama type stuff. The only downside is that it’s displaced my exercising with this new morning ritual. However I felt that this past month I needed to p prioritize my eating aka kicking the garbage to the curb over the exercise. What do they say you can’t workout your way out of a bad diet or abs are made in kitchen. No se. But you get the drift.

Next week, I will be bringing fitness back. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what I have in mind…I mean I will as well too since I haven’t made that executive decision. It feels like a good week to make some ish happen though.

Work is work is work. I’ve met with two different women to discuss their careers and expand my network. There is a possibility for me to work on a policy project in the Spring which would enhance my resume and be an awesome learning experience. I’m more than half way through teaching this year and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I’m exhausted and have a stack of ungraded papers that should have been graded yesterday but it’s been worth it. BAM, another skill on the resume! If I can land the Spring project this will be a stellar year for developing myself professionally. Trying to hold tight to the idea if I put the work in on myself the right path will reveal itself.

You know just wanting my own little fairytale and just trying to make it happen.

I still heart being on the interwebs and reading about everyone’s shenanigans so in the spirit of all that ish, let’s kick it with Amanda. Holla at the homies and do a little FRIDAY FAVORITES!!!



About a month ago, I bought myself the VivoFit by Garmin.
It’s been a super helpful tool. Even if I’m not exercising, I’ve been getting my steps in and monitoring my sleep. It also just looks like a little watch for the most part so I haven’t felt like it’s cramping my style. Not that I’m all that stylish but you gets my drift. I also love that I can eventually buy a heart rate monitor and sync that with my vivofit when I start running again. LBG APPROVED

Eggs for breakfast!
Clearly when you get rid of sugar that pretty much eliminates all instant processed breakfast foods. For the first week I made some bomba buffalo chicken egg muffins. I would eat one at home and one when I got to work. Sooo delicious! Last week, I mixed it up with some bacon & veggie egg muffins, scrambles, and some fried egg on sweet potato.

Trying out new recipes!
I cooked up some hella delicious fig m Mediterranean chicken with cauliflower cous cous!!! SUCCESS!!! The boy loved it! Check out the photo. I also cooked some lamb meatballs with a kalamata olive and tomato salad. Go me! I enjoyed bringing out my inner Julia Child this week. No joke, I am loving my Mediterranean Paleo Cook Book!!!
photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

That’s all I got for this week, kiddies.

The Weekend Ran Over Me…..

Holla Peeps!
This Monday will be spent at the Doctor’s and the Dentist’s and popping onto the computer to do some emailing. First, I needed to check in over at this corner of the Interwebbies and see how we all were doing.



Trust, I know we gained an hour but I just want SLEEP ALL THE SLEEP. I went to bed earlier and woke up a little later and yeah, sleep. This may also have to do that I have been running around like a much younger woman since Thursday where me and the boy stayed out until 12:30ish. AGHHH SOOO LATE. We went to an AWESOME spoken word show. Yes, I am one of those nineties people that loves poetry, spoken word, and SAUL WILLIAMS you were AMAZING. Friday, I pulled my tired self together and me and one of my chicas headed to a Halloween party with some peeps from work. This party was hosted by a friend that is super PRO-ANIMAL. She’s a vegan and fosters animals, all that good stuff. Anyways, people were encouraged to bring their pets which seems cool until you see two dog fights during the night. DAMN! That’s just too much for me. I mean I guess this shizz happens all the time at the dog park but man, who knew so cray cray. Saturday, I headed into SF for a book signing and some Target shopping. Plus the Ferry Building so so lovely. Sunday, I hit up my great Auntie’s 100th birthday and got back into Oakland by 7:00pm. Homegirl is tired.


I hit up the lovely Ferry Building this Saturday and it was one of those perfect SF fall days. There was that cool ocean breeze but blue skies and temperatures in the high 60s. Sigh, I always miss living in SF when I’m having a little adventure. I went to the Mediterranean Paleo Cook Book talk with Diane Sanfilipo (Balanced Bites blog & podcast), Caitlin Weeks (Grass Fed Girl blog) and Caitlin’s husband (The Chef). First off, Caitlin’s husband was hilarious and awesome. Just a random guy that loves cooking and wife’s a nutritionist so he ended up cooking/being paleo without even knowing it. Diane facilitated and she was just like her podcast but ya know…in person. It was pretty cool and the waiting to have your book signed took forever but it was beautiful so I didn’t mind. The book is BEYOND beautiful and even my boyfriend is stoked to cook some of the recipes. We haven’t tried any yet but if you love beautiful, informative cookbooks, you should seriously buy this one.

Alright, that was the weekend rundown and now it’s time to start the week. Have a good Monday, kiddies.