Rolling with the homies and the catch up post

My posting has been sporadic and I apologize, Interwebbies.

Let’s just do some listing so we’re all caught up and my next post can be evil and hilarious.

– 21 Day Sugar Detox is dunzo! I’m hella glad that I forced myself to do this little program. I’m happily cooking again, bringing my lunch, and a nice little bonus was I lost three pounds. Ok, only 2.5 but it’s funnier when I say three.
mean girls

– I love teaching my freshman seminar but trying to do my regular job and that is finally kicking me in the face. HOW?? Sigh, I feel like I am chronically behind and having the Veteran’s day holiday off on Tuesday just effed with me. My body was like NO! Why are we going back to work???


– Thank you Veterans for your service.

– I went to a Proaction Athletics bootcamp class and I felt like I was being coached my Jillian Michaels. Forty-five minutes into the class I thought I may puke. Thankfully I did not but DAMN! It was a good workout but more cardio based than I hoped for so I probably will just use my other pass but not sign up as a member. However if you have some serious weight to lose this would be the class for you. I just want to keep working on my body composition…ya know since I lost those three pounds πŸ˜‰

– I have another meeting next week with a colleague to discuss her job and her previous position with the Academic Senate. I’m pretty pleased with myself in terms of keeping my career development on the forefront.

– Do you ever feel like you’re kinda drifting away from friends but it’s not personal. You just want something different for your life and their lives are on a different track. Maybe you just feel like they understand you less but you still love them. You’re trying to create a certain life or achieve certain goals and they are kinda less of a priority?? I dunno. Let me know your thoughts on this one, Interwebbies.


– The boyfriend is gone until Monday working his brains out on a project. I am enjoying making the bed everyday WAY TOO MUCH. I get up first and he’s usually just getting up when I’m leaving and that jerk face love of my life never makes the bed. It’s the little things but I do really miss waking up to his sweet face.

– So far we have three confirmed weddings this year. My NJ bestie, the boy’s Oakland bestie, my homegirl from SF, and possibly the boy’s bestie in Budapest. Yes, I said Budapest. He’s been living and working there for 2 years and just got engaged. This is where it get’s tricky. NJ bestie is getting married on a Thursday in Waikiki during of course the one week of the year my boy can’t go. IT HELLA SUCKS. On top of that his Oakland bestie is getting married the following Saturday. So pretty much I’m just doing a quick Aloha to get back for Oakland bestie’s wedding. Thankfully my SF homegirl is getting married near SF in Feb so no problemas there. Now my boy’s Budapest bestie just got engaged in Rome last weekend and there’s a possibility they may tie the knot on July 4th. I really want to go and I have to go to Hawaii for my girl. I’m thinking I may only do four days in Hawaii to help spend less to save for Budapest. The other thing is I am determined to NOT put any more debt on my credit cards. So even if it means paying them down a little less, I will not accrue more debt. The Interwebs as my witness.

Alright, I need coffee and you need to stop slacking on the Internet πŸ˜‰



3 thoughts on “Rolling with the homies and the catch up post

  1. Haha, okay, okay…I’m guilty for slackin’. You caught me! πŸ˜›

    Good to hear that all’s going well. If you’ve been checkin’ out my blog posts lately, you’ve seen just how busy I’ve been with my crafty-ness. πŸ™‚

    Lastly, look out for another blog post from me this evening. I has a new book I’m gonna start reading. πŸ˜€

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