BAM, Spring Admit Orientation is in the can! I was able to hit up a little happy hour with my co-workers (hello Jack & Ginger, my love), home by 6:30pm, and able to pass out like the old lady that I am on my couch. Did I mention that I also slept in until 9:30am? HEAVEN!
The bad news was that as a result of orientation, I lost my god damn mind and pretty much went a little crazy on the happy hour appetizers. At least this old lady came home and drank like 30 ounces of water. However I’m drinking my own healthy little brunch and coffee so hoping back on track.

I’m looking forward to my sister coming over tonight and she’s training for a 5k in January so we’re gonna do a little walking tomorrow (HOORAZ!). I think we’re gonna cook & watch movies and just have some sister time.

I have some SERIOUS casita chores to accomplish. I should be more motivated but instead I’m catching up on Mindy Project and blogging. HEAVEN AGAIN!!! Rhea Pearlman as Danny’s mom is sheer awesomeness, I have no words. Just laughter.


What called to me on the Interwebs this week:

Another balanced bites podcast! Holla my morning podcast addiction continues!

Delicata Squash recipe – hellloooo yummers!

Considering this race!

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!


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