Running Away From Turkeys

Deadlines, deadlines, and more deadlines. It’s one of those weeks where my desk is just covered in papers so I pretty much feel this:

It’s a juggling act of what gets done and what doesn’t right now and HOW THE HELL IS IT ALREADY THANKSGIVING!!! I mean really the time is flying by me….just completely whizzing by. My sweet booty will be flying to LA on Wednesday and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny fun Turkey Day. But DAMN how is it here already????

We had some torrential rain last night in the Bay. Hooraz because we hella need it. Can you say drought? However upon leaving Whole Foods and seeing said torrential rain, your mind does not go hooraz instead it swears. You manage just to shake it off (not like Taylor Swift) and make your way home in the rain. Oh yes, I was walking. I’ve really missed seeing, feeling, and smelling rain so it was truly epic in that sense. Not so much the part where I was dripping wet in the kitchen as I pulled off soaked boots and socks but the boy and I had a nice little laugh and wet beso.

I’m staring at my messy desk and hoping my appointments are fully booked so I can squeeze in some quality organization time. Holla.



With all this cold and dreary weather plus the time change, I’m feeling so couch potatoey. I need to cut back on the television and incorporate some good books. Perhaps sometime today will be devoted to ordering some lovely reads on Amazon to get me through the winter. Also post Thanksgiving, I will be bringing back Monday night & Thursday night runs. These days were picked because of football. I should get my booty up and running so I will be scrounging for a cheap bright running jacket. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

I’m gonna do an LA Turkey Trot 5k to bring my running back and plus mashed potatoes. It’s always good to get some fit in on T-day if you’re not chained to the kitchenette.

Alright, kiddies, I promise a longer post this weekend. Just wanted to check and holla at you. I leave you with this little jam for the weekend.

Make your own weekend wonderland.

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