Let’s take a moment to review my Fall Goals and see where the chips landed. In true old lady style, I’m sitting here drinking some tea under a cozy afghan on my couch ready to reflect, review, and write it all up.

FALL GOALS (September, October, November)

1. Drink Water…not booze.
I’ve really brought sexy back with this one aside from a few rampant troublesome nights. My water consumption has gone up and thankfully the chilly weather has brought be back to peppermint tea. I’m still gonna keep this on the Winter Goals list since the holidays are racked with boozy temptation which leads to gatorade to coffee and rinse, spin, repeat.

2. Exercise 20 minutes a day or 140 minutes a week! Prioritizing my health and strength will make my life better.
FAIL! September wasn’t so bad, the rest of the time included walking and not much else. My Garmin Vivofit kept me on track with steps per day thankfully. I’m gonna lose the time requirement and go for three days a week with a weekly fitness blog check in for accountability.

3. Cut the Wheat! Breads, pastas, pizza… You know deliciousness.
WINNING! I dominated at this one aside from the past few Thanksgiving events and a handful of times during Fall. I’m gonna retire this bad boy for Winter.

4. Pay down some credit cards!
Smaller but not by nearly enough. Unfortunately, love is in the air, and my mailbox is jam packed with save the dates. I’m digging that everyone is getting married but the amount of travel that’s involved means these bad boys are gonna go down slower than anticipated. In accordance with the intent of this goal I’m gonna say all weddings must be CASH ONLY affairs ie nothing goes on the cards.

Damn, where did Fall go??? I’m still tripping that I had to write that update so let’s move onto Winter Wonderland and take a moment to focus on where this lbg wants to be in March.




1. Stay alive and not get caught up in the mass consumerism and comparison of the holidays.
Don’t get it twisted, I love the holidays. Baileys in my coffee and extra time kicking it with my adorable mama. However the extreme planning, running around, and requirement to out gift one another is just too much. It’s easy to get caught up, overspend, and start comparing your awesome life to other people’s lives that just seem more awesome/organized/grown-up/successful/rich (pick one) and get a case of the holiday blues. I’m gonna take a little vow right now to NOT get caught up with the holiday craze. I will be grateful, live within my means, just say yes to what I can, and most importantly NOT FEEL BAD.

It’s time to get my books out and stop hibernating in front of the television. I’m setting a goal of reading at least three books for Winter to improve my mind and send my soul a little love. There’s something magical about reading and it fills you up with some kind of spiritual energy that we all need. Ok, call me a hippie and move on. I may or may not post about my reading because my writing pales in comparison to all the lovely book reviewing and author interviewing they do on NPR.

3. Working out (other than walking) at least three times a week.
In order to put my shizz on blast, I will also blog about said workouts at least once a week. Yep, Interwebbies, you are my own personal Jillian Michaels. I thank you in advance.

4.Drink Water not booze.
As mentioned above, we’re keeping this one on our radar since holidays equal drunken shenanigans leading to Advil, gatorade, and cafecita in overdrive.

5.Take at least one Winter adventure.
Just something out of the ordinary to create memories, appreciate life, and enjoy getting out in the world.

6.Keep paying down the credit cards even if it’s only a tiny bit during the Winter season.


I feel like my Winter Goals are reasonable, on point, and setting this lbg in the right direction. You can’t ask for much more than that. Alright, kiddies, I need to get off the couch and try to shake my post-Turkey slackerness. Not gonna lie, slacking with you is absolutely the best.


2 thoughts on “FALL GOALS UPDATE & BRINGING IN THE WINER GOALLLLSSS!!! All with extra Turkey!

  1. Excellent goal to have! I notice Jillian Michaels in the mix there. I do her kickboxing workout every Monday(early, very early) and it rocks! stay well and keep hitting those goals.
    Such a fun blog!

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