I was supposed to post this on Monday but life happens, yo

Have a holly, jolly Monday, and if that’s not possible drink more coffee!!! Alright, let’s bust out some Monday Updates on the lbg’s faves of Fitness & Food!!!


SUNDAY – 3.22 miles!
MONDAY – 3.29 miles
Two runs! What, what! I wish I would have hit three but I feel like this is an amicable start.

This week I will hit three workouts! I am also willing to blame the rain and having to run around with my familia all weekend which prevented the working outtage.

Remember my butternut squash broccoli idea?

Well, it sure was tasty. I have secured a few photos for your viewing pleasure, Interwebbies.

Broccoli covered in blended butternut squash puree (includes some milk & gruyere)
photo 1



photo 2

photo 3

I also met up with my crazy familia and yes, they confirmed they are crazy, to make tamales.

Sorry, I was a bad blogger and this is your only photo.

Tamales in the making!
photo 4

In other foodie news, I have found my new seasonal beer jam.

Hellloooo White Christmas!

White ale with some cinammon, nutmeg, and orange peel….why yes, yes I say.
photo 2-2


Of course work got BUSY!!! Also the President emailed us all to head home early since student protests might create some BART & freeway drama. I basically was forced to adios and go get my Christmas tree!!! Hooraz.


6 thoughts on “I was supposed to post this on Monday but life happens, yo

    • I basically mixed a few recipes. Heat up your oven to 400 and place your seasoned (olive oil, salt, and pepper) broccoli in there for like 15 minutes. You should have some butternut squash (roasted or microwaved until pretty soft) that you can toss into a pot on your stove. Mash and season your butternut squash and start adding milk (1 cupish), shredded gruyere ($4.00 worth), and some full fat plain greek yogurt (6 ounces). Once that mixed is creamy and tasty to your liking pull out your broccoli and spread evenly over broccoli. Toss that ish back in the oven and cook your Aidell’s sausage on the stove top. Once that’s done, pull out your broccoli and butternut squash, scoop some into your bowl, and add your yummy sausage. XOX

  1. Congrats on the runs! That’s great! Also, your broccoli/butternut squash dish looks like it turned out AMAZING! …and it sounds like you lucked-out with work, yesterday. Woot-woot! 😉

    I hope you had a great Tuesday, and continue to have an awesome week. 😀

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