The one where I get all depressed and play Sheryl Crow and am a sad bastard

Christmas season unlike Thanksgiving has an undertone of melancholy and a hint of regret that tugs at the holiday. Maybe that’s just me? Last night, I gazed at my cute little Christmas tree, Reggie Noble, and felt the pangs of my first Christmas without my Grandma. Sigh, it makes me sad and feeling old-ish. I guess one less Grandma gets me thinking about my life and how maybe 33 isn’t as young as I want it to be. Depressing stuff, right? At least I didn’t dive head first into a bottle of wine. Ok, maybe Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups did make a guest appearance.

My small Christmas depression woke up with me and I’ve carried it into my office despite today’s super storm, that mofo’ failed to get washed away. Yes, NorCal is experiencing a super storm and several school districts cancelled school. I can see the East Coast laughing at us but sadly the University goes on and I am at work. It’s quiet because students are afraid of the rain and I commenced my super slacking with a little sad Christmas depression on my shoulder.

My hair is even depressed. When the weather changes my scalp gets all funky and I have some mild dandruff. Not sexy. I need to pick up some dandruff shampoo and I need a haircut but it’s Christmas and I can’t afford my fancy hair girl….yet I am terrified to have someone eff up my hair. I may try to see if the Aveda School in SF has any openings. They are cheap and there’s an 80% chance of a pretty good haircut. The odds are in your favor, peeps.

I need to refocus my energy and steal back my kick ass attitude. I want to be kick ass and cheerful and a winner but I also just want to crawl under the damn covers and hibernate until winter is over and I can afford a good haircut.


So what if right now everything is wrong……sing it Sheryl, sing it.

I am going to make a list to cheer myself up. Little known fact, I love checking things off lists. My boyfriend loves to tease me about all my little lists that he finds around the house.

1. Fresh squeezed juice at the Farmer’s market….in general the farmer’s market
2. My boyfriend, love that guy.
3. The first few sips of coffee in the morning…perfection.
5. $30 bottles of wine….sooo good.
6. My Mom because she is awesome.
7. My familia and friends
8. Reading a really awesome book, with a beverage, and being all cozy…be it a hammock or a couch.
9. Running….it’s a love/hate thing.
10. The Ocean….perfection.

1. That I have a job in this crazy economy
2. Awesome Apartment
3. Boyfriend, family, friends
4. Food!
5. That I can buy Starbucks
6. See all above
7. Oh yeah, that I’m healthy and able bodied.
8. That I have really good medical and dental benefits!

Alright, I feel a little cheered. Thanks for letting me get my ish out on the Internet, Interwebbies. I think I really need to make a better attempt with running because as Elle Woods would say “Endorphins!” I did find a nice little training plan I may implement next week.

Maybe I will register for a race or break down and buy some new running shoes since my Asics are feeling ready to be replaced. Sigh, therapy shopping you are the DEVIL!!!

Let me know if you have a little Christmas depression, we can commiserate together. I do recommend doing a little list and playing some Sheryl Crow.

It’s almost Friday peeps, we got this!

4 thoughts on “The one where I get all depressed and play Sheryl Crow and am a sad bastard

  1. New shoes always make me happy, except when I run into trees because I’m admiring them:)
    No Xmas depression here – did the shopping early to avoid parking rage. Having Christmas at home so no packing, missing home or putting up with drunk family.
    Got 2 weeks off now too, so can get some gardening done. I’m blissed out.
    Glad you did a grateful list – sometimes thinking about that stuff gets your head in the right place.
    Sending smiles:) đŸ™‚
    Skinny Jeans Mum

  2. Oh man, I need to check out the Aveda school. I’m in deep need of a haircut but the person I get my yearly haircut from (yes, you read that right) is in San Diego and it would cost an arm and a leg to go down there for it (though it would be awesome)

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