It’s not Christmas without Vodka & Soda

Dearest Interwebbies,
Here we are on wicked Monday once again. Saddest news ever, Kathy is retiring from Vodka and Soda. She’s ready for other things, you know like your fav TV star that leaves the show you love you to blow up the big screen. Trust, Kathy you are a rockstar. I take comfort knowing that you will still be lurking out on the Interwebs.

Broke down and cut my raggedy ass hair. THANK YOU BABY JESUS, it looks so much better. I brought in the following photo collage and my hair definitely looks like Mandy’s. SCORE.

Christmas is breaking the bank, sigh, but it seems to be always that way. I really need to make more $$$$. Isn’t that always the case though. Mo’ money, mo’ problems. I have yet to break the news that Christmas Eve we are crashing at my Mama’s place to the boy. We usually stay at a hotel for Christmas however this was mainly due to my departed lil’ Grandma’s old fashioned ways. However the boyfriend has grown accustomed so I’m gonna have to check him. Also it’s my Mom’s first Christmas without my Grandma and I’d like to be at the casa for her. At least my office Holiday Party is this Thursday. It’s always full of shenanigans and booze which I enjoy. Holla!
mean girls
Working out involved me getting one sorry ass run in yesterday. BLARGH! But I fully plan on getting a workout in today even if it’s in my living room because RAIN! It’s California and I’m not prepared to run in the rain. We will workout this week!!! Despite Tuesday Birthday party for the homie, Thursday holiday party, and a house guest of the boy’s on Wednesday and Thursday. I will make it happen. Saturday I will be in LA and am going to a spin/yoga class. Hooray!!!! Super excited. Maybe I will even be a good blogger and take photos.

I was SUPER DOMESTIC this weekend and cleaned the casita for like four hours straight. Not to mention that I busted out the shampoo rug cleaner and cleaned several really sad parts of our rug. I should have done a before and after, damn it! Our bedroom is still a disaster but nobody needs to go in there. That will definitely be a winter break project as long as I don’t just read all my vacay away in pajamas….which is HIGHLY possible.

Also THIS!!!!

I just felt like I really needed to add a little Christmas to this post and I cannot send you all a peppermint mocha through the internet…yet, anyways. Mariah, even with all your cray, I love you and this jam. This is EASILY in my top fav Christmas jams. DAMN, that should be a post!!! We should all post on our top Christmas jams!!!! Or at least share them on the comments below, peeps.

Let the Christmas CRAZY countdown begin! Seriously, everyone has some crazy at Christmas. It’s part of the magic of the holidays. No one has a normal family….some are just saner than others.



4 thoughts on “It’s not Christmas without Vodka & Soda

  1. Hey girl.

    I have a holiday party to go to for work too…on Friday. I’m not a big Christmas girl, but I also have to work on that same night, so I’m stuck. 😦

    I’m glad you got a haircut; I got one, myself, this past Friday. It may’ve been $28, but you know what? It was so worth it! I am now rockin’ a chin-length bob. Love it! 😀

    I guess my favorite Christmas songs are “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and (yes, I share your love for this song) Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. It’s not really Christmas without hearing that song at least once. (Though, for personal reasons, I just want this month to be over with. For serious.)

    Anyhow, hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. ❤

  2. LOLz. i’ll be around the interwebs; just not blogging on it. too much work and i’m lazy!

    also, where are the christmas movies?? i haven’t seen anything other than Elf 😦

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