Tuesday A LA MODE!!!!

Dear Tuesday Alarm Clock,
It’s fully your bad that you let me turn you off and failed to spidey sense that you should go off in another 30 minutes or so. Your poor decision making resulting in me running out the door like a mad woman and barely being able to make my first student appointment of the day. I did however despite your slackerdom make it happen.
Of course these actions lead to me requiring a peppermint mocha the minute my next student no showed for her appointment. Sigh, I have never been so happy for a no show until I desperately needed coffee in the way you need gatorade at your 12 mile marker of a half marathon. True story. I followed up said coffee with a chocolate chip cookie from the office kitchen since I figured I’d just slide into Christmas obesity. Straight up chutes & ladders since it’s my homie’s birthday today which means we will be consuming beer & smoked meats in her honor after work. CHRISTMAS FOOD AND MORE FOOD!!!!
How long do we have to wait for sweatpants to be appropriate work attire?? I swear if I was more comfortable I would easily be more productive. We need some pie charts to demonstrate the increased productivity…mmmmmm….pie! I’m all about warm apple pie a la mode. Yes, I’m totes thinking of Little Miss Sunshine.

To say I am looking forward to smoked meet is an understatement. Other than that I have no other plans than trying to make it through this terrible work day. I’m just grumpy and counting down the seconds until 4:45pm. The students that come in during finals week fall into three different categories: degree check (ie I am senior), failing finals/academic probation or about to be on academic probation, and mental breakdown, depression, or other crisis. Basically it’s very slow but the students that come in (aside from degree checks) are HELLA HOT MESSES! Poor bebes. Thank you bebe Jesus, I was able to drink coffee and get my advising mojo slightly back. But in between students, I am a complete grump.

Alright kiddies, have a crazy Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “Tuesday A LA MODE!!!!

  1. um, i’m wearing sweat pants to work and i dont give a shit. i’m not supposed to but well, i just don’t care so there’s that LOL. also, i’ve been busting my ass on this damn project so they can just deal with my attire!

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