Tuesdays is for training and slacking…


I am getting my own office (SCORE) but have to go through the tedious process of moving all my ish (TERRIBLE). I have a million papers to sort through and emails to avoid and my brain is still on vacation mode. Seriously. My brain’s just like where’s the mimosa and mindless movies? You want me to plan, execute programming, and write appropriate email responses??? I thought I might need to have a little less coffee so I had a green tea. This was probably only a good idea because I will be getting another coffee later today (FAIL).

I have to pull it together somehow….especially since I have another damn training run today. BLARGH! Fitness, why do I have to bring you back??? Maybe I need to update my running mix? Do you have any running jams that really get you going, Interwebbies? Holla!

I should really download this jam!

Let’s make it happen. Much love, Interwebbies.

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