Weekends were made for old lady fun!




How could I resist Carlton?? I know Christmas is long gone but I enjoyed this image. It conveys my GLORIOUS three day weekend joy, especially since my last post was such a Debbie Downer. I thought I needed to bring in some more positive energy to our little corner of the Interwebs.


In other news, my clean eating is going really well! I lost 3lbs this week! HOORAZ! I’m basically back to my pre-Thanksgiving weight. There’s still more to go but what else is new. My running has been less than stellar but I signed up for the Livermore Half and am now bound to actually being ready to run 13.1 by March 28th. Hopefully I will make the most of these three days and get some fitness in…fingers crossed.

II haven’t been to my neighborhood Farmer’s Market in ages so I’m stoked that I get to go tomorrow and buy tons of veggies, fruits, and all that good stuff. I hope my Olive Oil people are there. They make this bomb dot com Kalamata cold pressed olive oil that is AMAZING on salads, kale, in tuna salad, basically you name it and it makes it more delicious. We use a ton of olive oil in our place and usually have about three different kinds at any moment but this ish is my fav. The boy also bought me some avocado oil so if anyone has any suggestions/recipes for that holla, please!



There will be reading, sleeping late, running, and lots of cooking & sadly cleaning too this weekend. You have to just put on your big girl panties on and make it happen. Sigh, doesn’t everything but the cleaning sound wonderful? Hashtag life in your thirties.  I may even go to the movies to see Selma or Wild, something nominated for an Oscar.


II’m off to download some jams for a new running mix and I leave you with this jam.




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