Studies show Night Cheese Improves Running

I busted out my new running shoes and did 4.1 miles – BOOYAH! They felt fabulous so I guess I did need some running kicks after all. It was sunny and in the 60’s and a beautiful day for a run. Tomorrow I’m aiming for another 5 miles (eek) and another 3 miles on Sunday. Training for the Livermore Half is officially on, like Donkey Kong!


Also it felt good to run since I gorged myself on salami, cheese, bread, and wine last night. I really can’t imagine a more perfect and romantic meal. We had a truffle cheese made with goat’s milk that was AMAZING! We also had a raw hard sheep’s cheese that I could just eat err’ day! Why is cheese so DAMN good??? It’s truly a gift from the gods. Oh and of course a cab franc because that’s my jam.


I’m avoiding stretching by blogging but seriously I need to stretch it out and get my sweaty booty in the shower. The boy’s not home so there’s no one to judge me while I ate lunch, lounged around, and thus avoiding stretching and showering. It’s gonna be one of those LONG beautifying showers since it’s date night and it’d be nice if I ya know washed my hair and shaved my legs.

I actually looked at my half marathon training plan since my running has been sporadic and I need to you know actually prepare for this event. If I do 5 miles this weekend and work up to 6 miles for next weekend I will be back on track.  I’m writing that here to keep my slacker ass accountable. All the students will return on Tuesday to complain about their schedules, explain how they failed courses, and debate why Molecular Cellular Biology is not a good fit for you. Hashtag Your Major Needs to Love You Back. Hashtag Chemistry and Math are the foundation of Science Majors. Hashtag English Loves You Back. Anyways, they will be the perfect excuse to not work out but I will not let those bebes stop me!

Ok, I’m going to do the following stretching and hit the showers. I may even listen to a little Bruno Mars.


Have a lovely weekend, kiddies!




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