The Hibiscus Half is on my Wedding Registry and other humpty hump tales

As I mentioned before 2015 is shaping up to be a year of weddings including two destination weddings. Turns out one of those weddings is getting pushed back to 2016 (woo hoo!!). This will make my Hawaii wedding a little bit easier since the postponed wedding was originally in the same week.  This would also permit me to possibly run the Hibiscus Half Marathon. The race is on the Sunday of my departure but the start is at 5:30am and my flight isn’t until 1:30pm. I think I could swing it. Anyone ran a race and hopped on a flight right after? Thoughts?


I still haven’t found an April race yet that fits my schedule so I need to be on the lookout for that as well. It seems like 2015 is going to fly by once I get all these weddings and races scheduled. Speaking of races, this is my goal for training for the week:

Sunday – 5.1 miles (done – woo hoo!)

Wednesday – 5 miles

Thursday – 3 miles

Saturday – 6 miles – eek!

Today, I will be running home from work. My co-worker is encouraging me to try this since she does it 2 or 3 days a week. I will have to leave my laptop and clothes locked up at the office and just run home with my keys, phone, and cards. Fingers crossed this little experiment is a success. I will keep you all posted for sure.


Yesterday was the first day of school and it kicked my ass. I am surrounded with student requests and the email is all backed up – eek!!! I need to carve out some serious time to tackle this avalanche without a bagel. I couldn’t resist this morning and had one of those carby delicious treats. The three day weekend really did me in with regards to food. There may have been a little too much fun combined with a water main breaking on my street. The water break resulted in all of the streets water being shut down and me spending Monday at brunch, in a bar, and by the time I was home we ordered take out. Sigh, misbehaving. Not having water was the worst! No cooking prep was achieved and clearly no laundry. I can never manage to tackle all the grown up chores. At least it wasn’t totally my fault this time.



It’s been forever since I’ve written on a humpty hump Wednesday but even without Kathy (RIP – Vodka & Soda bloggy blog) we can get our confess on. Let’s just remember how to do this properly. Kathy, would always have some eye candy so BAM for your viewing pleasure.

I can never get tired of Brad circa Legends of The Fall.


1. I confess that the first week of school is so crazy pants that I have to actively attempt NOT to have a glass of wine every day upon arriving. True Story.

2. I confess that I am hella scared to run home and hope that it’s not too crazy, I’m not too cold, my phone doesn’t die, and god knows what else.

3. I confess that I effing LOVE my new running app – Strava. It’s my jam!

4. I confess that I am seriously enjoying Downton Abbey’s return. JESUS EDITH! Did you really almost burn the place down!!!!

5. I confess that I am ready to go home and it’s only lunch time….god damn.

Besos! I’m out!



5 thoughts on “The Hibiscus Half is on my Wedding Registry and other humpty hump tales

  1. Awesome job clocking up all those miles! The Hibiscus Half looks amazing… go for it! Just be sure to drink a lot of water before and during the flight afterward, and compression socks/sleeves would probably feel amazing on that flight as well 🙂

      • I don’t use them a lot for recovery, but when I do I definitely notice a difference… my leg muscles hurt less and feel less tired. Plus I’ve heard compression socks help with circulation, so if you’ve got a long flight after the race, they might be just the ticket 🙂

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