Friday Funk Makes Us Wild….well in old lady ways


Seriously, thank you little baby Jesus! I am ready for the weekend!

Let’s talk about the fitness update, yo! I’m coming along and actually adhering to a suedo running training plan. Next week, I’m hoping to actually hit all my planned runs. Last night, I was sidelined with a migraine. BLARGH! Just one of those lovely almost my “ladytime” side effects. When I hopped on the scale this morning that crazy effer told me I gained 3 lbs!! WHAT!! Now in all honesty, I drank and ate a little too much during the three day weekend but I’m willing to bet the other 2lbs are just ladytime bloat. Yep, sexy I know.


This weekend is another no plans weekend aside from my 6 mile training run. Holla! However since we didn’t have water for two days, I still need to do a million pounds of laundry. Laundry is so depressing. I think it’s my least favorite chore. Granted this has a great deal to do with the fact I live in a complex with three washers and three dryers and am subject to the washing gods. There’s nothing worse than preparing all your laundry, getting all your quarters, and detergent and heading down to the parking garage and every single machine is in use. ARGHHH!!!! Having your own washer and dryer is a glorious luxury, people. I mean don’t get it twisted I love my penthouse apartment with our deck and partial lake view…but I would love a washer and dryer. Sigh, hashtag old lady dreams.


I still am on the lookout for an April race that fits my schedule. I have an 8k, 10k, and the half all lined up for March! Woo Hoo! I’m pretty sure I will sign up for the Hibiscus Half (May) after pay day. There’s the Bay Breeze 10k in February and the race is about 3 miles from the BART station. I could BART there and run the 3 miles plus the actual 10k and hit my 9 miler goal for that weekend. Possibilities right?

This morning when I left for work it was in the forties and I just cannot take it. I am ready for this cold weather to be over! I apologize to all you people with real cold weather but hey I live in California, I did not sign up for weather below 50. At least it’s sunny this afternoon although by the time I leave the building it will be seeping into darkness. God damn. Can’t win with all this daylight saving and winter nonsense.


It’s Friday, let’s have a little fun with things I enjoyed this week!!!

1. This hilarious SNL skit! Artisanal Mayonaise!

2. Seeing my bling for the San Jose 408k


3.‘Transparent’: Amazon to Stream Entire Season Free for 24 Hours

To all those who aren’t subscribed to Amazon Prime, clear out some hours on Saturday — Transparent will be available free for 24 hours only. I WILL BE BINGE WATCHING!!!
4. I finished Wild which I throughly enjoyed. There were times where I was like “NOOOOO!!! Bad decision making!” but it was very heartfelt and honest. It was a breeze to finish and I found myself endeared to this young woman that was quite a hot mess. Recommend it! Especially for a weekend or vacation read.
5. This little homie has Uptown Funk down!!! Seriously I heart this little man!

Alright let’s get on out of here and have a great weekend, Interwebbies!




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