The LATE MONDAY Post – just pretend you were to busy for it ;)

My bad – work got cray and cray and I never posted this. Here we go!

The weekend was full of shenanigans per usual; you never get enough done, time runs out, and you feel the Sunday night blues. This weekend was further complicated by a fight by me and the boyfriend. It ruined my mojo and I’m stuck here completely unready for Monday. IT SUCKS.



In some seriously NON-SUCKY news, my sister GOT ENGAGED!!! Crazy exciting! I cannot wait to hear all the details and celebrate with her in person. Sigh, LURVE! Cannot be happier for her and her boy. So add another crazy wedding date to 2015!


Basically my weekend consisted of the following positives and negatives:

  • Running – I hit a 6 mile run on Saturday (booyah) and a nice 5 mile walk with my homegirl today. Definitely positivo. God, that sounded nerdy. Whatevs, I’m going with it.
  • Saturday night – I got about 3 hours of sleep. Damn, insomnia – negative.
  • Saturday, I cooked some la bomba lemon & ginger tangine chicken & cauliflower couscous! Love my Mediterranean Paleo Cook book!
  • Three loads of laundry completed but didn’t manage the towels…sad face.
  • My kitchen is a mess since I ran out of dishwasher pods….negative.
  • I have yet to make my lunch or breakfast….I guess there’s still time but I am slacking uncontrollaby.



I fully intend for this week to be more productive. Increase productivity!!! Increase my grown-up-ness!!!


Monday – run home from work (fingers crossed) – 5 miles

Wednesday – run home from work – 5 miles

Thursday – cross train in some sort of unplanned way. Probably a pinned workout. Suggestions?

Saturday – 7 mile run!

Sunday – cross train again.




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