Day dreaming across the blog universe

I found my April race, Interwebbies & it was a steal! Bonus points! Yesterday, I registered for the Across the Bay 12k & 415k for $39.00. Woo Woo! I will be running the 12k which is a little over 7 miles. They had a flash sale yesterday and this little brown girl was all about it. The race starts in charming Sausalito and we get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco! I’m really looking forward too it. Hooraz!

I needed to modify my workout schedule due to some programming for my job but I’m committed to completing all my runs. Tomorrow, I’ll run home from work again (5 miles) and on Saturday I have a 7 miler to tackle – eek.  Otherwise the biggest to-do is to fix my running playlist on my hella old iphone. My damn iphone has been cray to the zee with my musica. …I think my poor 4S doesn’t do so well with some of the upgrades. Seriously though, I need my jams for my long runs.



Because you can always use a Dirty Dancing gif for anything.

I’m on the prowl for some budget digs in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii for my homegirl’s wedding this May. I started doing some budget hotel googling but I still think that AIRBNB is the best for my teeny tiny budget. Trust, I am definitely down with doing some research first along with a healthy amount of day dreaming. Thankfully, I have another good friend that will be flying solo for this wedding so we decided to book together. I’m not sure how she feels about AIRBNB so I’m trying to get together a nice list of options for us to discuss.What are your thoughts on AIRBNB/VRBO vs hotel stays? Thoughts?


As I pursued Trip Adviser, Hawaiian Air, and several other sites it suddenly became real that I will be in Hawaii in a few months. Sure, planning for a destination wedding is stressful and expensive (even as a guest) but it’s also pretty awesome. It’s easy to lose yourself in the stress and worry and not catch your breath on how epic and blessed your life can be. I’m a HUGE culprit of this, just jumping straight into stress and worry instead of being full of gratitude and excitement. I need to work on this but changing your mindset isn’t that easy BUT I’m still going to try!!! Just gotta bring it back to my 2015 word INSPIRATION!!! Focusing on gratitude and blessings, seeing the joy and letting worry take a backseat. I’m going to HAWAII!! I’m going to sign up and run a half marathon while I’m there!!! I’m going to see a beautiful beaches, sunsets, and maybe a sunrise or two. How amazing is that?

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.48.56 AM




2 thoughts on “Day dreaming across the blog universe

  1. I’ve had good experiences with both airbnb and VRBO, but I can see where they might be a mixed bag, whereas with a hotel you know what you’re getting pretty much. The one airbnb I did was super nice and the host kept to herself so it was nice and chill, but my mother-in-law hosts airbnb and I know she *loves* to chat with her guests so you could end up with a situation like that too. Be sure to read all the reviews and follow your gut and you should be fine!

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