Crawling across the Friday Finishline


I’m desperately ready for the weekend and Friday at the office has already killed me and it’s barely 2:00pm. How does that happen??? I can only describe it as craptastic because as usual I have so much work that’s waiting to get done. I really need to read the four hour work week. There’s no way I’m using my time as efficiently as possible and I need to figure this ish out!!!


In exciting health news, I jumped onto my ultimate frenemy, the scale, this morning to be greeted with a nice little number that was 3lbs less than last week. Down, beatches!!!

mean girls

This made me do a little happy dance inside. Just gotta keep up the working out and eating all the healthy lunches. Easier said than done, my friends. For example, the Cookie Man showed up at my office. He’s got a student affairs wifey and his delicious business involves making cookies for events, etc. Of course, he comes by quarterly with six types of cookies for us to try. Yes! I said SIX!!! I can’t lie I ate four delicious cookies. My most favorite was this Lemon Lime Basil cookie! Amaze-balls! Did I mention the deliciousness that was the Brown Sugar cookie or perhaps the crazy Rootbeer & White Chocolate Chip cookie. Oh yah, and the snozz berries taste like snozz berries!!!

Thank goodness, I ran the 5 miles home yesterday. WINNING.


My heart is aching with the sad realization I need to come in on Sunday. Sigh, I guess I will try and wake up at a decent hour and come in and attack all the emails and papers. followed by a 2 mile loop around the campus track and 5 miles straight home for my 7 mile long run. We’ll see how this ambitious plan goes but anonymously announcing it to the interwebs somehow makes me feel better.


That’s all I got for now, Interwebbies. Enjoy your weekend and get out there and have some fun.

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