FRIDAY LOVES FRIDAY…..there’s always a favorite




1. My allergies kicked my booty so hard…down a flight of stairs. I ran home once and it really did me in. Sad face even my Zyrtec has only been mildly life saving. Hopefully tomorrow I can rally and get a solid run on. Fingers crossed, my friends.

2. We do Spring Frosh Programming which is basically three weeks of poorly attended workshops despite the fact our frosh complain we do nothing for them. Ummm….excuse me I was in your dorm hall presenting at 7pm on Pre Med Advising, where were you???


They don’t care, Cristina…so there will be no Grey’s Anatomy for them…damn students.

3. I am very tired from all this evening programming….damn freshmen.


4. This week has really been work, sneeze, present to students, work, sneeze, crimson wave, sleep poorly, present again, margarita, rally for work on Friday. Rinse. Repeat. Exhaustion.

Alright peeps, my week was that tedious and uneventful and while I could post lots of interesting pre-med advising facts this is definitely not that kind of blog. I did love the panel though….damn it, why am I so nerdy??? Instead we’re gonna jump onto a little thing called Friday Favorites with the newly wed, Amanda from Meet Me at the Barre! 

Friday Favorites


This show is my jam and even though I’ve only watched three episodes, they are truly hilarious. The entire cast is great and it’s just some real life humor which as a thirty something I adore….I can’t even describe the falling off my seat laughing…just enjoy this preview and get on your HBO go and make this show happen.

I’m dead inside…hehehe….oh, seriously watch this!


This bad boy is my jam!! Damn, I just wrote that! Sigh, it’s Friday Favorites they are all my jams but I need better writing. Sorry kids, I’m tired (see above).

Warning: If you’re not a fan of ginger this is not the smoothie for you. I would come close to saying it’s the primary flavor. MMmmm…it was seriously so tasty. Get up on it.


Eeek!! I pulled the trigger and put my money where my mouth is and registered!!! It’s official I’m going to have to start training and make a real commitment here. There’s a six hour course time limit which scares me…I mean I don’t want to take six hours…not that your time matters. Mad props to ALL marathon finishers regardless of the clock but it does frighten me. Yelp. According to some RW race estimator I should be able to do my full in 4 hours and 10 minutes……but who knows??? Ok, keep it together. WHAT HAVE I DONE???



I’ve really just been feeling her music lately and playing this album while cooking is so wonderful. So so just…heart it…..I’m falling for you….thank goodness you cannot hear my off key singing.

That’s all this lbg has for now. I will be wedding it up for the weekend so say a little prayer that I don’t party to hard 😉 Hope you all get your fit on and enjoy the weekend!





Broke Runners Unite!

It’s been a while, Interwebbies, sadly work calls and someone has to attempt to pay the bills around here. It’s a pathetic attempt but I am doing my best avoid the poor house dance. Seriously, money and budgeting are not this little brown girl’s skill set. I’m going to be 34 next month and I’m starting to really feel the pressure to get my financial life in order. Any tips, books, or blogs that helped you hit your financial stride? Post some recommendations because this lbg could really use them!!


In other non-sad bastard news, I did my first double digit run of the season!!! I ran 10 miles this Saturday and had my first negative split!!!! This is in large part due to the fact that I actually ran with some strategy as opposed to my usually just running. I read an article discussing marathon training and phasing parts of your run…I’m doing a horrible job explaining. Just go here: yes here. I mean, don’t get it twisted, I love running and being outside, and for me there’s almost something meditative about it. My musica, my thoughts, my body all kinda blend and it works for me. However with all this marathon talk and reading….because I’m a nerd and need to read about ish, I’ve realized you probably shouldn’t just try and run a marathon. Actually strategy should be employed to help your body out. Who knew?


Right now, I’m just going to focus on getting to the Livermore Half and after that race I’ll be employing a training plan with some small modifications. I’m a little nervous about running 4 days a week, truth be told. I figure I’ll manage but eek…small eek.

Last week looked a little something like this:

M – 3.3 miles complimented by yoga & weights
TH – 5.1 miles
SA – 10 mile run!!!

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.49.52 AM

This weekend, I will be headed to Mill Valley for a friend’s wedding and I’m super excited for a chance to have mini getaway with my bf. It should be super pretty although chilly this weekend.  We’ll be near Muir Woods so I’m hoping on Sunday to do a little wandering and enjoy all the nature. City girls love nature, I just don’t know if I could live in it but visiting is always nice. I will probably run on Saturday before the wedding because ya know….hungover running is not winning. Although I am attempting to not be hungover just to have the perfect wedding buzz the night before with no side effects right??

Oh yeah, I lost 2.5 lbs last week! Hooraz but this weekend there was brunch and we went a little crazy plus there’s been healthy takeout but take out none the less. The boyfriend and I are both putting in a lot of hours at this time of year which means no one wants to cook. We exchange the sad glances of no..I don’t have that kind of strength to cook and clean…and actually the kitchen is still dirty…yes, please call the Thai place. BLARGH, so not good for the waist line and don’t forget I want my waist line to look good in Hawaii!


Alright peeps, I’m out. Have a kick ass Tuesday and if it’s not kicking ass just add more coffee. You got this!


Munchy & Crunchy Sick Days

My sleeping has been a mess since this weekend and last night was the absolute worst. I think I slept maybe 3 hours by the time my alarm starting going off 5:30..snooze….5:45…snooze….6:00am get up. Ok, I sat up and realized I was in zombie land and I couldn’t sloth through today with two coffees and an afternoon latte but it wouldn’t be pretty. I called into the sick line and determined my body needed a little love.

I was able to get in another 2.5 hours of sleep or so and just kinda floated through the afternoon with some trash tv and blog reading. I finally showered and pulled on some yoga pants to hit up the Whole Foodie. Picked up some chicken, tomatoes, hand soap, cauliflower was on sale. Holla. Oh I figured some kombucha couldn’t hurt and I guzzled that bad boy on the way home.

I was supposed to run today but figured it’s better if I get some rest and try for tomorrow.


I have to admit I did do some googling on running your first marathon, marathons for first timers, and SF marathon for first time marathon runners. I would really need to commit to my training but the timeline would work and I really can only foresee needing to take one weekend off in July for the Budapest wedding. I’m turning the BIG 3-4 next month so maybe my birthday present to myself will be to register for the SF Marathon. It would be pretty amazing to run a marathon before 35 and in my favorite city that I called home for 5 plus years. There’s more reasons to say yes than no after the short consideration I’ve given. I guess worst case scenario is if I just didn’t feel prepared come the big day I could just downgrade to the half. However I’d rather hope for a best case scenario of finishing in one piece.


The SF Marathon is on July 26th so I would have a solid almost 5 months which is like 18 weeks and I just ran 9 miles last weekend. From all the plans I’ve looked at it seems feasible. I would need to really do some prepping on Sunday and stay on top of my runs home from work but I think I could manage the mileage plus the weather is getting better. My bad East Coast, but damn I’m just a little California girl, I have very very warm standards for cold. No idea how anyone runs in 18 degree weather. You’re heroes, the lot of you….or absolutely crazy. I mean snow! Living in snow! I believe it’s what you refer to as weather….but you can keep your seasons. I hate waking up to 38 degree weather…hashtag California for life.


After a week of birthday celebrations, brunch, and snack a lacking, I’ve been trying to get back to my healthy eating. Sigh, it’s been better but a little farther from perfect than I hoped. I kinda was CRAZY munchy crunchy yesterday and today but at least everything was for the most part clean whole foods. Ya know, apples, almond butter, lara bars and the like. I know Hawaii is gonna sneak up on me and I’d like be a sexy mo’fo. Or at least feel like a sexy mo’fo without my friend, tequila. Trust, tequila makes me instantly feel sexy….however that’s not always a good thing.


Alright my homies, I’m off to pretend to do something productive like clean my kitchen or try and use my jedi powers to move my dishes into the dishwasher.


For once a Monday win!!!! Dreaming big – the marathon

Dear Monday,
You’re a holiday!!! HOORRRRAAAYYYYY!!!!Thank you baby Jesus Presidents!

Let’s get to it, shall we?


I feel really good about my workouts for this week. It’s a shame that I ate so terribly but when it’s your Boyfriend’s birthday it’s best to just have a good time and relish each moment….of that fork going into your mouth, followed by wine, oh the beer, and weren’t there some pomegrante mimosas? Ya get my drift, homies.


Too bad, that effer, the scale wanted to show me that I partied about 3 pounds worth. BLARGHHH!!!

This week I’m hoping for another three runs and some kind of cross training workout. Maybe another Hipline class but probably some kind of free Comcast workout.

Right now, I’m procrastinating on my 5 mile run….straight up slacker status. I did already hit up the grocery store and do a majority of my grocery shopping for the week. WIN. I have some dishes to unload and throw in another sink full into my dishwasher. Seriously, I love my dishwasher.

I’ve been toying with this whole marathon idea. Twenty six point two miles. It’s epic and kind of crazy. I’ve looked at some marathon training plans and feel like I could be ready for the San Francisco July Marathon. I don’t know though, maybe it’s crazy. It’s a LOT of running and a big toll on your body. I’m not sure yet but perhaps after my half marathon in Livermore I’ll have a better idea of what my body can really do.


Alright peeps, I hope you enjoy your Monday and manage to get some fitness in as well. I’m gonna get my run on even if I have to wait until later today when it cools down a bit. It’s 70 right now in the beautiful Bay Area (can you say global warming?) and I’m drinking my Kale Yeah! juice enjoying all the sun in my penthouse apartment….thinking about how I need to run.

It will happen!
Get your fit on!

ROM COM SATURDAY & your best LOVE themed playlist EVER!

I’m not a Valentine’s Day person. Don’t get it twisted, I’m no love hater and if you and your partner like a designated xoxo holiday to keep it sexy, you do you. However I think this holiday of pink and red is best served for small children with hilarious little cards and far too much sugar. I would be remiss to note that there is one mad benefit for Valentine’s and this is the movies. For a romantic comedy junkie, such as myself, this is a perfect weekend. Everything from the classic “When Harry Met Sally” to “It’s Complicated” perhaps you’re a Julia fan, don’t trip, there’s gonna either be some “Pretty Woman” or “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” I can spend the entire weekend gorging myself on “27 Dresses” and  “Dirty Dancing.” The highlight of my weekend was actually going to a 7:30pm showing (ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!) of Dirty Dancing. It was EPIC, my friends, epic! Patrick Swayze is so perfect….sigh…no words. All this being said, I hope you enjoyed the movies this weekend and possibly the discount chocolate that will be upcoming.

Now I’m not so heartless that I didn’t squeeze in a some running and what better way to run than with a LOVE playlist. You have to keep in mind that love is complicated, depressing, and obsessive. My LOVE playlist covered all this and more. For your viewing pleasure, I give you the Happy Valentine’s Running Mix!!!


Sorry, you need to click on it to make it bigger. I have no idea how to enlarge that mess. My bad. I’m a baby blogger, ya know. I have chosen to highlight a few of the jams below. So enjoy, all you love haters and cupids!!!

First, I’m only highlighting a few of the jams with videos but I strongly recommend any LOVE playlist have Happy Valentine’s Day by Outkast. So just do yourself a favor and download that shizz but we digress.

JAM #3 – Love Stoned, Justin Timberlake aka the King of Heartbreak himself.
You cannot have a LOVE playlist without this guy. He did a whole album about Britney cheating on him and went on to become cool despite being a member of N*SYNC, some would say this couldn’t be done. Anyways, get your run on with Justin telling you what it’s like to get down and move on from your heartbreak.


JAM #5 – Son of a Gun, Janet Jackson featuring Carly Simon
This song is kick ass and Carly Simon does some excellent free styling on it. I mean this song is all about revenge, getting up and over, and telling that ex just to back the eff off. Keep a steady pace and just enjoy! Plus MISSY!!!!


JAM #12 – Teenage Dream, Glee Cast (all mens choir from that other school)
Now, I’m not Katy Perry fan. That’s not my cup of tea…no idea what’s going on there but as my Tia would tell me “Mija, if you have big enough chi-chis you can be famous.” Hence Katy Perry and others. But!!!! Teenage Dream sang by an ALL MENS CHOIR!!!! It just makes it right and I cannot help but enjoy it. Take it away, boys!


JAM #23 – Hey Ya, Outkast
Classic throwback which gets everybody on the dance floor and my theory is that if the song EVER got people to the dance floor it should be on your running mix. Running is old people, dancing. I sing along when no one is in close proximity and try to rock out particularly during those last sucky miles.

This sweet little playlist helped me kick ass and run 9 miles this weekend!!!! Woo, woo! Damn it was hard but I’m super proud of myself. Livermore Half, here I come!!!


Fresh Prince, Dirty Dancing, and a nice Back to the Future blog post

Alright peeps, it’s been a minute since I ran over to our corner of the Interwebbies to kick it with you. My apologies, if it’s any consolation, I’ve half written two or three posts that just never made it out of the draft box.

Let’s bust out those glorious bullet points and bring us all up to speed. Shall we?


  • I hit up two runs, a 5 miler and an 8 miler – Holla!
  • I attended a Hipline class – Shimmy Pop
  • Hipline is basically work out dancing for old ladies that don’t go to the club but miss going to the club. Heads up, there is VERY little instruction but it’s very very fun. You’re learning simple dance moves to each song, you’re barefoot, and just doing your best. Bonus – the room has club lighting aka dark and there’s a disco ball.
  • Here’s a shimmy pop flash mob but keep in mind you’re doing this in a darkened studio with no shame –


  • Yesterday, I did a lovely 5 miler that Strava only half recorded. Absolute sad face!!!!
  • Thursday – another 5 miler aka running home from work – BAM!
  • Saturday – 9 miler ….here we go…eek!
  • Friday night, I’m gonna try to do some serious stretching with light weights but ya know….Friday workouts.



  • I’m going to see Dirty Dancing at the Movie Theater on Saturday – Woo Woo!!! I mean seriously….how awesome is that. Sure, I hate Valentine’s Day but I LOVE ME SOM DIRTY DANCING…..Nobody puts baby in the corner.
  • dirty
  • Yep, that was also a bullet.
  • I love/hate registering for races early. It’s awesome because races are generally hella hella cheap early on and they usually offer an additional discount. Right? But then you sign up and two months later, you can’t do the damn race. San Jose 408k – I’m going to have to cancel on you because I’m pretty sure I’ll be hungover post-wedding and a 2 hour drive away. Also I wrote down March 7th in my planner and not March 1st. I figure if I drink $30.00 worth of booze at the wedding – it’s a zero sum win.
  • I’m thinking of extending my half training after March to FULL MARATHON training. Is that crazy? I’ve never done a marathon and thought suddenly terrifies and excites me all at the same time. Thoughts?
  • I last 3 lbs last week but I preceded to have happy hour cocktails, indian food, and maybe a LOT of cheese over the weekend. This Friday, could be precarious.
  • funny-picture-dog-on-a-weight-scale-555x785
  • I made a really bomb Butternut squash, Sausage, and Kale Lasagna. You should check out the recipe here! I’m so digging her website.
  • FYI, that shizz refrigerates beautifully and for lunch I just put some fresh kale underneath my yummy lasagna and heated in the work microwave for 5 minutes – DELISH!
  • Jimmy Fallon continues to make me laugh with his West Coast Tonight show – watch this!
  • Work is heating up and I’m keeping my head up like Tupac says but the first two weeks of Spring term are always brutal. Why are my students so crazy!!! Sigh, bebes you need to consume less coffee. I on the other hand could probably use some more.

I promise to try and post a little more regularly but I’m still here! Still running! And definitely a hot mess express!!!






Monday Love

It’s Monday, beaaatches!!!

Let’s make it happen. I woke up a few times last night dreaming stressing about work. I know this is one of the most unhealthy habits to have and I’m really working to bring balance to my life…probably since I started blogging a year ago but it’s a process, peeps. This morning, I’ve accomplished a decent amount but I felt like I needed to jump back here and drop a little note to say Holla, Monday.

The second thing I’m going to give a shot this month is working on my meanness. Yep, straight up mean girl habits.


I read this article which I didn’t save or pin (bad blogger) and it inspired me to try and be more positive and just less mean overall. The article talked about catching yourself when you exhibit these habits and exploring why you behaved in this fashion. I guess the whole idea of lessening your critique of yourself and others to make more room for positivity and love kinda spoke to me. I will be trying to limit/get rid of the meanness in my life. We will see how it goes. Have any of you taken up this type of practice? Or just implemented more positivity un your life?

motivation monday

FITNESS WRAP UP – Let’s talk about fit!!!

Monday – 5.2 miles
Wednesday – weights/stretching (ie cross training) 20 minutes
Thursday – 5.2 miles
Sunday – 7 miles

Last week was a great week workout wise. I’m going to have to award myself five gold stars for this one. My 7 miler yesterday felt really good. I was tired for the last mile or so but I felt like I could of run longer if needed. I would say that it was solid but once I hit 9 miles I might start to build a little slower ie half a mile increases for my long runs. Things I could have done better include hydrating the night before in a more focused fashion and leaving the house earlier so that I have more energy and the weather is a little cooler.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.49.52 AM

Alright, that’s all I got for now, kiddies. Let’s drink our coffee, get our work on, and do our best to be kind to one another.