Monday Love

It’s Monday, beaaatches!!!

Let’s make it happen. I woke up a few times last night dreaming stressing about work. I know this is one of the most unhealthy habits to have and I’m really working to bring balance to my life…probably since I started blogging a year ago but it’s a process, peeps. This morning, I’ve accomplished a decent amount but I felt like I needed to jump back here and drop a little note to say Holla, Monday.

The second thing I’m going to give a shot this month is working on my meanness. Yep, straight up mean girl habits.


I read this article which I didn’t save or pin (bad blogger) and it inspired me to try and be more positive and just less mean overall. The article talked about catching yourself when you exhibit these habits and exploring why you behaved in this fashion. I guess the whole idea of lessening your critique of yourself and others to make more room for positivity and love kinda spoke to me. I will be trying to limit/get rid of the meanness in my life. We will see how it goes. Have any of you taken up this type of practice? Or just implemented more positivity un your life?

motivation monday

FITNESS WRAP UP – Let’s talk about fit!!!

Monday – 5.2 miles
Wednesday – weights/stretching (ie cross training) 20 minutes
Thursday – 5.2 miles
Sunday – 7 miles

Last week was a great week workout wise. I’m going to have to award myself five gold stars for this one. My 7 miler yesterday felt really good. I was tired for the last mile or so but I felt like I could of run longer if needed. I would say that it was solid but once I hit 9 miles I might start to build a little slower ie half a mile increases for my long runs. Things I could have done better include hydrating the night before in a more focused fashion and leaving the house earlier so that I have more energy and the weather is a little cooler.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.49.52 AM

Alright, that’s all I got for now, kiddies. Let’s drink our coffee, get our work on, and do our best to be kind to one another.


One thought on “Monday Love

  1. That is a constant New Year’s resolution for me. I always strive to be nicer. I feel I’m nice, in general, but I have a short fuse and when I get mad, it’s nearly impossible to get me to switch back. I try to surround myself with positive people which seems to help.

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