ROM COM SATURDAY & your best LOVE themed playlist EVER!

I’m not a Valentine’s Day person. Don’t get it twisted, I’m no love hater and if you and your partner like a designated xoxo holiday to keep it sexy, you do you. However I think this holiday of pink and red is best served for small children with hilarious little cards and far too much sugar. I would be remiss to note that there is one mad benefit for Valentine’s and this is the movies. For a romantic comedy junkie, such as myself, this is a perfect weekend. Everything from the classic “When Harry Met Sally” to “It’s Complicated” perhaps you’re a Julia fan, don’t trip, there’s gonna either be some “Pretty Woman” or “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” I can spend the entire weekend gorging myself on “27 Dresses” and  “Dirty Dancing.” The highlight of my weekend was actually going to a 7:30pm showing (ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!) of Dirty Dancing. It was EPIC, my friends, epic! Patrick Swayze is so perfect….sigh…no words. All this being said, I hope you enjoyed the movies this weekend and possibly the discount chocolate that will be upcoming.

Now I’m not so heartless that I didn’t squeeze in a some running and what better way to run than with a LOVE playlist. You have to keep in mind that love is complicated, depressing, and obsessive. My LOVE playlist covered all this and more. For your viewing pleasure, I give you the Happy Valentine’s Running Mix!!!


Sorry, you need to click on it to make it bigger. I have no idea how to enlarge that mess. My bad. I’m a baby blogger, ya know. I have chosen to highlight a few of the jams below. So enjoy, all you love haters and cupids!!!

First, I’m only highlighting a few of the jams with videos but I strongly recommend any LOVE playlist have Happy Valentine’s Day by Outkast. So just do yourself a favor and download that shizz but we digress.

JAM #3 – Love Stoned, Justin Timberlake aka the King of Heartbreak himself.
You cannot have a LOVE playlist without this guy. He did a whole album about Britney cheating on him and went on to become cool despite being a member of N*SYNC, some would say this couldn’t be done. Anyways, get your run on with Justin telling you what it’s like to get down and move on from your heartbreak.


JAM #5 – Son of a Gun, Janet Jackson featuring Carly Simon
This song is kick ass and Carly Simon does some excellent free styling on it. I mean this song is all about revenge, getting up and over, and telling that ex just to back the eff off. Keep a steady pace and just enjoy! Plus MISSY!!!!


JAM #12 – Teenage Dream, Glee Cast (all mens choir from that other school)
Now, I’m not Katy Perry fan. That’s not my cup of tea…no idea what’s going on there but as my Tia would tell me “Mija, if you have big enough chi-chis you can be famous.” Hence Katy Perry and others. But!!!! Teenage Dream sang by an ALL MENS CHOIR!!!! It just makes it right and I cannot help but enjoy it. Take it away, boys!


JAM #23 – Hey Ya, Outkast
Classic throwback which gets everybody on the dance floor and my theory is that if the song EVER got people to the dance floor it should be on your running mix. Running is old people, dancing. I sing along when no one is in close proximity and try to rock out particularly during those last sucky miles.

This sweet little playlist helped me kick ass and run 9 miles this weekend!!!! Woo, woo! Damn it was hard but I’m super proud of myself. Livermore Half, here I come!!!


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