Munchy & Crunchy Sick Days

My sleeping has been a mess since this weekend and last night was the absolute worst. I think I slept maybe 3 hours by the time my alarm starting going off 5:30..snooze….5:45…snooze….6:00am get up. Ok, I sat up and realized I was in zombie land and I couldn’t sloth through today with two coffees and an afternoon latte but it wouldn’t be pretty. I called into the sick line and determined my body needed a little love.

I was able to get in another 2.5 hours of sleep or so and just kinda floated through the afternoon with some trash tv and blog reading. I finally showered and pulled on some yoga pants to hit up the Whole Foodie. Picked up some chicken, tomatoes, hand soap, cauliflower was on sale. Holla. Oh I figured some kombucha couldn’t hurt and I guzzled that bad boy on the way home.

I was supposed to run today but figured it’s better if I get some rest and try for tomorrow.


I have to admit I did do some googling on running your first marathon, marathons for first timers, and SF marathon for first time marathon runners. I would really need to commit to my training but the timeline would work and I really can only foresee needing to take one weekend off in July for the Budapest wedding. I’m turning the BIG 3-4 next month so maybe my birthday present to myself will be to register for the SF Marathon. It would be pretty amazing to run a marathon before 35 and in my favorite city that I called home for 5 plus years. There’s more reasons to say yes than no after the short consideration I’ve given. I guess worst case scenario is if I just didn’t feel prepared come the big day I could just downgrade to the half. However I’d rather hope for a best case scenario of finishing in one piece.


The SF Marathon is on July 26th so I would have a solid almost 5 months which is like 18 weeks and I just ran 9 miles last weekend. From all the plans I’ve looked at it seems feasible. I would need to really do some prepping on Sunday and stay on top of my runs home from work but I think I could manage the mileage plus the weather is getting better. My bad East Coast, but damn I’m just a little California girl, I have very very warm standards for cold. No idea how anyone runs in 18 degree weather. You’re heroes, the lot of you….or absolutely crazy. I mean snow! Living in snow! I believe it’s what you refer to as weather….but you can keep your seasons. I hate waking up to 38 degree weather…hashtag California for life.


After a week of birthday celebrations, brunch, and snack a lacking, I’ve been trying to get back to my healthy eating. Sigh, it’s been better but a little farther from perfect than I hoped. I kinda was CRAZY munchy crunchy yesterday and today but at least everything was for the most part clean whole foods. Ya know, apples, almond butter, lara bars and the like. I know Hawaii is gonna sneak up on me and I’d like be a sexy mo’fo. Or at least feel like a sexy mo’fo without my friend, tequila. Trust, tequila makes me instantly feel sexy….however that’s not always a good thing.


Alright my homies, I’m off to pretend to do something productive like clean my kitchen or try and use my jedi powers to move my dishes into the dishwasher.



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