Sunday Note Passing….High School Style

The past week was a running fail but sometimes your lady times and allergies means doing the bare minimum to just get by, ya feel me? I had a great time at the wedding on Saturday but that pretty much took up all the energy I had left.


Tomorrow, I have jury duty and fingers crossed that I don’t get selected since I have a TON of programming for my first year students. I’m hoping to go in tomorrow and say “Hey, I went to law school, I’m a dirty commie, and probably not the best fit for your case so let’s call this a day and send me home. Thanks.”

I mean that’s a realistic plan, right?

I’m hoping to get home from jury duty early, hit up the whole foodie, and get a much needed run in….I know…probably not gonna happen but a girl can dream right?

This concludes my random Sunday night check in, peeps. Let’s just try and be positive and really bring our A game on Monday.



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