You can’t handle the truth! Starring Me & Kevin Bacon

Dear Monday,
Why must you never go as planned? Seriously? Why are you so spiteful and wicked? Really, Monday…I mean I know it must suck to not be Friday since she’s the cool one but that’s absolutely no reason for you to be the eff you one. I guess that’s the way it goes though. Sigh, whatever.
We’re over Monday.

Despite the set backs of that bastard Monday, I still managed to get in a five and a half mile run!!! Holla. It was a struggle but once I got past those first three miles, I really enjoyed myself.
photo 1

Yesterday, I busted out the spiralizer and attacked some beets and carrots which I roasted. They came out amazing and looked so beautiful on top of some spinach. Yummers!!! Today there will be some running but it might be to Target. We have some guests coming for a BBQ this Saturday so I’m trying to get the casita as cleaned up as possible. Here’s hoping that Friday night isn’t fueled by coffee as we work until the wee hours cleaning our dirty little casita. If the trusty boyfriend can’t take me today then I’ll be hitting the lake to get in another solid 5 miles.
Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.48.56 AM

In other news, I’ve been selected for jury duty. EEK! My posting is already irregular so here’s hoping it won’t get any more wonky. Fingers crossed!! I can’t believe that the Livermore Half is in 24 days!!! I’m really excited and hoping to have a good race. I’m feel like my training is going well and can’t believe that after that it will be time to start my MARATHON training!!!! Seriously, beyond crazy. What am I doing???

I think I need to get a foam roller since everyone is always recommending you foam roll after you run. It sounds terrible but healthy for you. I have no idea since I’ve never done but I see some skillful runners doing it so can’t hurt to try. Why are foam rollers so damn expensive?? It’s foam like a pool noodle, right? Crazyness. I will have to check groupon for some deals. Foam rolling, interwebbies, thoughts?? I’m ready to hear any tips, tricks, or good deals you may have. Oh, maybe I will look at Target tonight!!!

Let’s get this humpty hump insanity over with peeps!!!! But on that note, due to jury duty I had to get my amazing colleagues to cover a million things and I sent this little movie music to inspire their booties to be my hero. Hope you enjoy it!!!

PS Nobody says no to Kevin Bacon!!!


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