Buttered, smothered with avo, peanut butter? How do you like your toasty toasted lbg?


I am so grateful that is Friday and I’m not in court. Unfortunately, my brain is drained and I’m in my office attempting to do my job when really I need another 3 hours of sleep. As the pro’s say “Fake it ’till you make it!” I’m here and seeing students and attempting my very burnt out best.

Since my brain is just running on the bare minimum think 1990s dial up internet, the best thing is just to jump onto Amanda’s Friday Favorites!!!! Share the lurve and see what this lbg is hearting this week!
Friday Favorites

What am I loving this week……hmmm….ok….ok, I got this.


This is seriously THE BEST! You know when you sign up for a race, super early, land a great deal, and are super excited??? Of course, someone will end up getting married, having a party, or something else you can absolutely not miss on that date and you feel like screaming “NOOOOOO!!!” This is basically the story of my life and as a result I have to hide my sadness and loss of funds since my non-runner friends don’t even like to walk let alone run and cannot conceive of my possible sorrow. Those bastards. Anyways, I’ve noticed a newish trend of races offering the option to sign up as a remote runner or change your racing option to remote runner. As a remote runner you still receive your bib, medal, and shirt the week following the race with the aim that you will run the race mileage in your own hood on the day of the race. Basically you are participating in spirit. This is AWESOME for peeps like me that have to miss a race but already threw down the cash and most likely will be getting the miles done anyways. I switched to a remote runner for the SJ 408K and all my ish came yesterday and it really perked up my Thursday!!!!




My boyfriend got me a subscription for this magazine as a Christmas gift which was very sweet. I usually buy Runner’s World, Women’s Heath, SELF at random times sometimes the PALEO magazine. Sometimes I like to treat myself to a magazine now and then even though it’s a little old timey. I wasn’t sure what this magazine would be like but it turned out to be pretty cool although pretty short in length. I’ve only received one issue but so far I’m enjoying it. To be honest I thought it would be lame and just full of crap to buy but there were some solid articles in there, so you GO GLEN COCO! Aka Women’s Running Magazine.



I bought some of these for my salads and lunches and they are so pretty!!! Plus delicious, my friends. Also you just can’t beat the prices at good ole Trader Joe’s.
4. THIS VIDEO! Beyond Cute!

Alright kiddies, I’ve got to do some work, update my March Running Mix, and get some ish accomplished!
Fingers crossed we all knock out our weekend runs!


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